Groove Digital Marketing Agency: Key Activities and Results for May 19th

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Since writing a post about how I’m planning to grow my agency, Groove Digital Marketing, into my next 7 figure success story, the feedback I’ve received from readers has been very positive. Thank you to those of you who shared the post, commented on it, or emailed me directly. Your feedback was very encouraging.

In today’s post, as promised, I’m going to give you a look over my shoulder for the past week and share with you what I did, as well as the results we achieved. If you missed last week’s post, you can find it here.

As always, my hope is that my transparency with you can be the fuel you need to achieve similar results in your own business. Sound good? Here we go!

Key Activities in the Week of May 19th, 2014

During the past week, here’s a summary of what happened:

  1. Kiana got bigger
  2. We published 5 blog posts
  3. I gave our site a ‘make over’
  4. Created 8 more lead magnets

Now that you’ve seen – at a high level – what the key activities were, let’s dive into some details.

Kiana Got Bigger

Kids grow like weeds. Kiana’s body weight has increased by 13% in just two weeks. Wow!

Here’s a few pics of our little darling (yes, I know pics of Kiana has nothing to do with this post…but I just couldn’t help myself!)


At the ripe “old” age of 23 days, Kiana has already been on a number of adventures; a train ride and boating among them. As you can see, she didn’t think too much of boating. Or maybe she just didn’t like the color of the life jacket?


5 New Blog Posts

Here are this week’s posts:

Website Upgrade

As you may recall, when I fist launched Groove’s site, it looked very similar to a friend of mine’s because he’d sold me a copy of his basic look/feel. Given that the site got zero traffic back then, I wasn’t interested in spending days to design my site and write basic content.

Now that, thanks to our blogging, traffic has taken off, so I knew it was time to give the site the attention that it needed to better convey our message, as well as to look different than Robb’s site.

If you’d like to see the new look, head over and check it out.

New Lead Magnets

The more landing pages you have, the more leads you will capture, and in order to have more landing pages, I needed more eBooks to offer as leads. The following eBooks are now in the works:

  1. 10 Useless Things to Cut From Your Marketing
  2. Social Prospecting Workbook: How to Use Social Media to Find New Leads
  3. 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About
  4. An Introduction to Closed Loop Marketing
  5. 10 Step Website Redesign Checklist
  6. Attract Customers with Twitter
  7. Unlocking ROI Analytics
  8. Inbound Marketing Campaign Toolkit

All of these ebooks will each have a landing page of their own as well as be listed on our Resources page (not yet completed).

Traffic & Leads

Since my decision just over a month ago to begin actively blogging on Groove, the results have come very quickly. Below is a summary of the activity over the last week. As you can see, traffic was up 16% from the previous week and new leads were up 12%. Go team! 🙂



Additional Resources

Now What?

If you liked this post and want future updates on our progress with how to start a marketing agency, just click the image below. If you’d like to get even more help and surround yourself with other agency owners, be sure and check out the Bright Ideas Mastermind Elite, which is my mastermind group for entrepreneurs running marketing agencies.

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  • Capture Comms

    Hi Trent, I really like getting your updates weekly. It keeps everything really easy to digest in bite size chunks.

  • Joanne

    One of the things that sets you apart is the weekly update about how you are developing your business. Of all the things you publish, this is the most valuable to me because it maps easily to the day-by-day, week-by-week pace of what it feels like to build a business.

    A week-level view is so helpful because it is not overwhelming. I’m reading this and choosing you as a mentor because the roadmap is legible. If this were rolled up into a monthly report it would be either too massive (because you’re a highly productive guy) or too superficial (because you’d leave so much out to make it readable).

    Rolling this all up into a weekly summary is so helpful because it’s not too overwhelming to understand. I can see how much you do and how it breaks out into the week.

    Now – how do you create this report – do you have people giving you weekly reports as to what they did and you roll it up — or are you keeping a running log in a project management tool and you sum it up yourself?

    I’m thinking I want to have a weekly report I compare to yours!

  • Courtenay Shipley

    As a small business owner, I tend to forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Your weekly updates are valuable to keep perspective, aren’t overwhelming, and for a reality check in reinforcing the key is consistency, not 80 hours a week.

  • The weekly reports are great. They provide a resource and a plan of what I should be doing.

    Your transparency is unbelievable and I suspect most of us are cheering for the successful achievement of your goal.

  • Weekly gets my vote too – monthly we would probably lose the granularity

  • Alex Glusman

    Hi Trent: I love the weekly posts. They show me all the steps I should be taking to grow my consulting practice and there’s a ton of value in them. Please keep them weekly if possible. Thanks a lot for doing them!

  • Thanks!

  • Based upon your feedback, I’m going to keep them weekly for now. To help me with that, please be sure and leave a comment of some kind every week…even it is only a one sentence comment because without the comments, I have no way of knowing if all the time I’m putting into this is actually helping anyone.

  • Joanne

    Trent – thanks for sharing your decision. These posts prove to your market that you know how to do content marketing – a transparency that is unparalleled as far as I can see. So why would you NOT want to do them?

  • I just put a stop to it as it was a total flop.

    • It would be great to post a summary of what’s worked for you and what has not. You move fast and get a lot done so I think most of us have probably forgotten what tactics you’ve already tried and discarded.

      • I’ll do that at the 90 day mark. Thanks for the suggestion David!