Groove Digital Marketing Agency: Key Activities and Results for Weeks of May 12th

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Since writing a post about how I’m planning to grow my agency, Groove Digital Marketing, into my next 7 figure success story, the feedback I’ve received from readers has been very positive. Thank you to those of you who shared the post, commented on it, or emailed me directly. Your feedback was very encouraging.

In today’s post, as promised, I’m going to give you a look over my shoulder for the past week and share with you what I did, as well as the results we achieved. If you missed last week’s post, you can find it here.

As always, my hope is that my transparency with you can be the fuel you need to achieve similar results in your own business. Sound good? Here we go!

Key Activities in the Week of May 12th, 2014

During the past two weeks, here’s a summary of what happened:

  1. We landed a $3.2 billion dollar company as a new client!
  2. We published 6 blog posts
  3. I created a process to support the cold email lead generation that has been working so well for me
  4. Set up lead scoring and social monitoring in HubSpot
  5. Created a Wiki for our in-house training material

Now that you’ve seen – at a high level – what the key activities were, let’s dive into some details.

We Landed a $3.2B Client

I’m very happy to report that we had a very big win this week. Remember the referral that I wrote about in my last week’s update? On Wednesday, I received an email from them that started with….

Hello Trent, 

I am delighted to report that we are a go! We’d like to begin the project in June and I will be the point person on our side.  I will send the agreement to our legal department for review of terms and barring any modifications needed, will sign and return.

I’ve copied Sue to let her know where we are in the communication and [name withheld] of finance for guidance on invoicing and payment. Wendy, you’ll find the proposal and payment terms for Option One (non-retainer) attached.  

Now that is my kind of email!

The important take away from this is that this referral would have never happened had I not spent the last two years building my personal brand online by publishing post after post, after post. Luck did not play a role.

If you aren’t yet blogging consistently, see what you are missing?

5 New Blog Posts

This week is the first week that we’ve been publishing a post per day on Groove, and as you will see down in the traffic numbers, more blog posts = more traffic. Here are this week’s posts:

New Automated System to Support Cold Email Lead Generation

In last week’s report, I wrote about a new cold email system that I’ve been getting really incredible results from. There is a little bit of leg work needed (which you should outsource) to get the email addresses, but once you have them, you will be amazed by how well this works.

Unlike the instructions in the free cold email course I linked you to, I put on my “reporter” hat and contact companies to see if they would be interested in sharing their success story on my podcast, or in one of my posts.

Just watch this video to see how it all works.

I Set Up Lead Scoring in HubSpot

During one of this week’s calls with a client, I was asked if HubSpot did lead scoring. As I didn’t know the answer, as soon as the call was done, I looked into it and discovered that the functionality does indeed exist.

In the screenshot below is just a snippet of the scoring criteria that I created.


Once the score of a lead hits certain thresholds, I then created a rule that adds them to one of three lists within HubSpot.


Next, I created a stream that allows me to monitor what each of these people are saying on social media. I check this stream each morning to see if there is any way that I can add value to the conversation. If there isn’t, I don’t do anything.


We Created an Internal Wiki

In my opinion, the only way to scale a service company without killing yourself is to have detailed checklists and processes for everything you do. In the video below, I share with you what our content manager looks like and how it’s tied directly to our wiki, which his housed in a membership site that only our team has access to.

Traffic & Leads

Since my decision just over a month ago to begin actively blogging on Groove, the results have come very quickly. Below is a summary of the activity over the last week. As you can see, traffic was unchanged from the previous week and new leads were up 13%.


Additional Resources

Now What?

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