How Peppershock Media is Using Online Video Marketing to Land Government Contracts and Oracle as a Client


Government Contracts? Easy. International Corporations as clients? No sweat.

You’d think from the from the client list that Peppershock Media is a specialty firm based in NYC or something – and then you learn that they are headquartered in a small Idaho suburb. So how did Peppershock get their clients? I talk with the Rhea Allen, President and CEO, about the strategies her company uses to secure big name brands, and how online video marketing has had a role.

If you’re looking for ways to land that next big client, listen in to this episode.

Listen now and you’ll hear Rhea and I talk about:

  • (3:30) Introduction
  • (4:00) What type of agency is Peppershock?
  • (05:35) What type of clients do you work with?
  • (07:10) How did you attract clients without being niche specific?
  • (09:20) Do you get a lot of referrals?
  • (11:15) How did you get started in business?
  • (13:15) How did you get your first government project?
  • (16:00) What do you see as the future of marketing?
  • (22:35) How does social media play a role in business development?
  • (25:15) Tell me how Facebook ads drove traffic for Bluecross of Idaho
  • (26:35) Let’s talk about how to excel with video marketing
  • (30:20) What makes a video effective?
  • (34:30) Let’s talk about the Century Link video
  • (36:30) Can you describe the creative process used to create this video?
  • (41:00) How much gross margin can one expect from making a video?

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About Rhea Allen

RheaAllenSince Peppershock’s inception, in 2003, Rhea Allen has managed and expanded Peppershock and has gained local notoriety in her persistent passion for causes. She is involved with the communities of Idaho and surrounding areas and has a vast working knowledge of how to generate awareness for a number of brands and causes. She is extremely diligent in obtaining effective media campaign results by planning and crafting relevant and compelling messaging for target audiences. Rhea oversees development of all Peppershock projects, from conception through distribution and follow-up.

As an in-demand Integrative Marketing Consultant, Rhea was a primary proponent of social marketing and traditional media integration within the industry. She has a passion for discovering and telling stories through visual and audible mediums. Her television news and promotions background in the Treasure Valley and at the top 12 market in Seattle provides investigative, documentary, testimonial and “edutainment” style to her celebrated work.

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