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How HCSS Software Used Inbound Marketing to Increase Lead Generation by 400%

lead generation ideas from Dan Briscoe

Today we interview Dan Briscoe, the VP of Marketing for a software company called HCSS. HCSS started in 1986 and makes software for big construction companies. HCSS brought Dan in about 2.5 years ago when their leads began to stagnate. He has helped them achieve phenomenal results.

In the interview, we unpack the tactics that went into Dan’s results.

How did they get started? How did they get buy-in from the executive team? What did he do to experiment and deliver concrete results to sway the naysayers? How is SEO and video playing a role in their strategy? What lead generating ideas did he bring to HCSS?

We finish the conversation on how he provides concrete ROI data with analytics.

Social Media Management: Little Known Secrets for Leveraging LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Ted Prodromou shares tips on using linkedin for lead generation

Today we interview Ted Prodromou, a Twitter & LinkedIn Expert. He is the author of “Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business” and “Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business”.

Our discussion focuses on ways to leverage LinkedIn to help you generate more leads. This episode is not a LinkedIn primer, it is for people who already have a profile and want to learn ways to use LinkedIn to find ideal customers, engage with them and get a conversation going that can result in new business.

LinkedIn is a very powerful platform for lead generation. Get ready to learn several methods to improve your LinkedIn prospecting.

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How to Leverage Reddit to Build Your Audience

brent csutoras tells how he is using reddit for business growth.

You’ve probably heard of Reddit, but do you know how to leverage it to grow your business? Have you tried using Reddit for your business but found it difficult to figure out how to get results?

Brent Csutoras is a social media strategist and entrepreneur who specializes in social media marketing, content marketing and viral content creation. He’s been involved with the Reddit platform for a long time.

Reddit is a group of thousands of communities. No matter what you are interested in there is a sub Reddit for you to join in on the discussion. The whole purpose of Reddit is to share content that a particular sub Reddit would find interesting and would like to discuss.

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