How James Deer Has Grown His SaaS Company to $39,000 in Monthly Revenue

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James Deer and his wife founded Gather Content, a new startup SaaS company doing just shy of $39K/mo in Revenue.

James started his career as a freelancer and built up a small client base. Eventually, he got so busy as a web designer that he had to hire a number of people. He quickly built up an agency to 13 people before he ended up selling it.

James will reveal the entire process he has taken with Gather Content – from concept to prototyping, getting customers, and getting funding, as well as long-term business goals.

Are you looking to grow a Saas business? Then this is an interview you do not want to miss!

Listen now and you’ll hear James and I talk about:

  • (04:00)  Introduction
  • (07:30)  How did you come up with the idea for Gather Content?
  • (12:30)  What did you do next after developing a prototype for the app?
  • (14:48)  What did you do after Smashing Magazine tweeted out your app’s landing page?
  • (20:00)  How did you get from $5k/mo to $15k/mo?
  • (23:00)  How did marketing automation play a role?
  • (28:00)  How did you discover who your ideal customer is?
  • (30:00)  How much monthly revenue are you doing now?
  • (33:00)  Tell me about how you raised some money.
  • (35:00)  How much did you raise and what are you using it for?
  • (37:00)  What does your exit strategy look like?
  • (46:00)  What does the future hold?

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About James Deer

James DeerJames Deer is the founder of GatherContent– a service that helps agencies gather content from their clients painlessly. It helps replace the chaotic process of sending word documents, and emails back and forth for when you prepare web content. Previously James and his wife built up a small digital agency to 13 full-time staff which they later sold.