Dave Kerpen on Reality TV, Building a Successful Marketing Agency, and Launching a SaaS Company


Weddings are expensive. Most couples accept that and budget for it, or try to keep the cost down by limiting the guest list etc.

Not Dave Kerpen. He wanted a big wedding, and at 500 guests he definitely got that. But, he didn’t pay through the nose.

Instead, Dave and his wife used their marketing smarts to raise $100,000 in corporate sponsorship. Now that’s impressive!

But it doesn’t stop there – the wedding was held in a baseball stadium, and ended up getting a ton of media coverage. The couple estimated they received the equivalent of $20 million in earned media coverage, and they used the momentum from this success to launch their successful marketing agency!

Dave’s also had an Inc 500 fastest growing company for 2 years, and when we spoke he held the title as the #1 LinkedIn Influencer in pageviews. You can imagine that he has some great ideas to share.

Listen now and you’ll hear Dave and I talk about:

  • (03:05) Introductions
  • (05:20) What problem does your software solve?
  • (10:45) How did you go about attracting customers?
  • (15:45) How did you get started in business?
  • (18:45) How did you get corporate sponsorship for your wedding?
  • (21:45) How did sponsorship translate into customer attraction?
  • (26:15) How did you launch your agency?
  • (28:45) What would do differently today if you were starting over?
  • (31:45) What advice would you give the solo-preneur on growing beyond just one?
  • (32:45) What is your pricing strategy?
  • (36:15) How did you target your customers?
  • (39:45) How did you continually increase the size of your customers?
  • (42:45) What advice would you give to entrepreneurs to succeed with content marketing?
  • (47:45) How did you become a LinkedIn Influencer?
  • (49:45) What should we be doing on LinkedIn?

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About Dave Kerpen

Dave KerpenDave Kerpen is the Founder and CEO of Likeable Local, and the Co-Founder and Chairman of Likeable Media. Dave is the  NY Times Bestselling author of 3 books and the #1 LinkedIn Influencer of all time in page views, ahead of Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Mark Cuban and President Obama.


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