5 Ways to Increase Twitter Promotion Part 2

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This is Part 2 of my 5-Part Series on Increasing Your Twitter Promotion.

Twitter is my website’s number 1 source of social traffic and an integral part of my digital marketing strategy. It’s well worth the time to watch this brief video series to make sure you’re optimizing this powerful social platform.

Take a quick listen to this episode where I discuss:

  • How to use Hashtags in Pre-Populated Tweets
  • Including a Customized Tweet Button on Every Page
  • Twitter Widget For Your WordPress Blog

I hope this gives you more ideas on how to effectively use Twitter.

The next 3 posts in this series will give more easy to use tips to continue to grow your referrals from Twitter. Subscribe now so you won’t miss out.

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Hey there Bright Ideas hunters!

Welcome back to another episode of the BrightIdeas podcast. I am your host Trent Dyrsmid and this is the podcast where we help entrepreneurs to discover ways to use digital marketing and marketing automation to dramatically increase the growth of their businesses, and we all want that don’t we?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for proven tactics and strategies to help you increase traffic, increase conversions and ultimately increase traffic for your profits, well my friends you are in the right place.

In today’s episode we are going to dive into part two of my five part series. The first episode can be found at brightideas.co/109 and its series titled five ways to increase your twitter promotions, in other words, to get other people to help you spread the word on twitter.  So, why is it such a big deal?  Why should you care about this one of the great things about twitter?

It’s really easy. It’s frictionless. People can pre-populate a tweet or do the things that are talk about in these five part series. So, when you make it really easy for a bunch of people to do stuff, that’s a great way of creating more buzz which is obviously another tool in your toolbox for increasing your opt-in, increasing sales of your products, and so forth.

So, before we get into the how to do this, I have just two quick announcements.

Number one, if this is your very first episode and you would like to make sure that you never miss another one, and you’re listening on your mobile device, please text the word podcast to the number 96000 and just pay attention and see what magic marketing automation happens. If you sit there in the front of your computer and you have already found us, if you found us on ITunes, just go to brightideas.co and you could become a subscriber there.

The second announcement is, if you are looking for a digital marketing/content marketing blueprint to follow to build your business. Well, I’ve written a book and it is called The Digital Marketing handbook that is how I build my business into the success that it is in. You can get the free chapter, if you head over to brightideas.co/book.

Alright that’s it!  Let’s dive into the gold nugget for you and this episode so we’re going to talk about how to embed a twitter widget on every page that you used to promote your product or your event or whatever it is that you wanting to draw attention to.

So, to see is in action, if you visit the brightideas.co/blog and looking the right side bar, you’re going to see a widget there that I used to create social proof and awareness for my digital marketing handbook.  So, I want to explain to you how you do that, but first lets dive into just a couple more quick little details that are important.

So when you do this, you want to make sure that all the tweets that are shown up in this widget are about the topic that you’re trying to draw attention to.  In the episode number 109, I talked about the importance of the use of a hash tag and that hash tag is now going to can become critical in making sure that every tweet that shows up in this widget.  I’m about to explain to had a do, is on the topic that you want it to be on so people who come there, they’re going to be able to see everything that people are saying and it’s going to help you to increase social proof for your product to your event of whatever it is you are trying to draw attention to and it’s going to do it in real time, so this is really cool.

So for to create a widget, all you need to do is go to twitter.com/settings/widgets/new/search and you are going to need to be logged in to your twitter account to do that. So once you do that, you are going to see a pretty intuitive interface. The very first thing is, you’re going to see is the box called search query and that’s where you’re going to put in your hash tags. So from my digital marketing handbook with hash tag #DMhandbook – so that means the only tweets that are going to show up in this widgets is tweets that going to contain that hash tag. So, how does that hash tag get applied? Well, on the free chapter download page there is a pre populated tweet that includes that hash tag. So hopefully many or most of the people who download the free chapter – because I ask them to write at the top of the page – will be kind enough to collect that tweet out for me and that’s going to populate this widget. So make sure you’ve got the search type then there’s a check box called “only show top tweets”. Make sure that you click that one. Specify a height that you want. I find that 300 pixels  is a very nice height but if you have got a really long sidebar and you feel like filling it up with a bunch of tweets, make it as tall as you want to. Choose a theme, light or dark, and then click the create widget button – and there is also an opt-out tool – I wouldn’t  check that but you can read a little there’s a question mark you can click and make your own decision. So click the create widget, it’s going to give a little snippet of code and all you need to do is go into your word press blog (which I’m assuming that most of you are using) and you’re going to look in your sidebar, drag over a text widget and then just paste the code into it, and that’s it! Voila!

The widgets that we have created will show up in your side bar on in every single page of your blog and you will be going a long way to increase, to bring awareness, and increasing the social proof in real time for whatever it is that you are trying to draw attention to. Pretty cool ha!

Alright, so that’s it for this episode. If you want to get to this show notes, I include the screen shot of how to do all of this go to brightideas.co/110. If you enjoy this episode I’d love if you’d take a moment to go to brightideas.co/love where there is a pre populated tweet all you got to do is click on it and I would love it if you do that, so thank you so much in advance.

So that’s it for this episode, I’m your host Trent Dyrsmid, can’t wait to have a tune back in for part three which will be coming out tomorrow.


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