How the Cleveland Clinic Has Increased Blog Traffic 800% in 12 Months

how to increase blog traffic with Facebook by Amanda Todorovich

Amanda Todorovich is the Marketing Manager of Digital Engagement at the Cleveland Clinic. She oversees all content marketing strategies including the blog, social media, and email marketing. The Cleveland Clinic has been blogging for about a year and traffic has grown from 250,000 visitors per month to over 3 million visitors per month.

In this interview you will hear Amanda explain a couple of really important things that you need to understand if you haven’t started inbound marketing or haven’t yet found success with it. We discuss the importance of buyer personas, how to figure out what to write about, and how to get eyeballs on the content.

The Cleveland Clinic has put a huge amount of focus on Facebook and made a significant investment in building their following there. If you want to learn how to maximize reach and increase blog traffic with Facebook, listen closely!

Listen now and you’ll hear Amanda  and I talk about:

  • (01:00) Introductions
  • (04:35)  Is Digital Marketing a big deal for hospitals?
  • (09:10)  How did you determine what to write about?
  • (11:20)  How did you define your persona?
  • (15:35)  Why did you choose to focus on Facebook?
  • (19:20)  What are some of the specific tactics you are using on Facebook?
  • (20:55)  How do you track the results of your variant testing?
  • (22:35)  How did you first get started building your Facebook following?
  • (25:00)  How did you target users with your paid acquisition?

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About Amanda Todorovich

amanda-todorovich_0Amanda Todorovich – Marketing Manager, Digital Engagement at Cleveland Clinic – is a content marketing and social media leader with more than 15 years of experience in a diverse collection of business environments – hospital/healthcare, start-up online publisher, corporate consumer PR. Passionate about digital communications and customized strategic content of all kinds.