Inbound Marketing: How Block Imaging Increased Sales by $9 Million

In this interview we’ll explore the success that Block Imaging has experienced with inbound marketing. We interview Krista Kotrla, Senior VP of Marketing for Block Imaging. Block Imaging buys and sells imaging equipment ranging from $50K to $500K.

We talk at length about the incredible results Block Imaging achieved through inbound marketing. When you hear the results, you will be stunned at how much of an impact inbound marketing has had on their business.

Krista will also explain to us how they got started, some of their mistakes,  how to create an effective inbound marketing campaign, and the major pivot that had a dramatic impact on their results. If you are looking for a proven success story from a company that sells relatively technical products in a “boring” industry then get ready to take notes. Don’t miss the golden nuggets on:

  • How to be helpful instead of ‘us’ focused.
  • How to create content from customer questions.
  • Why getting buy in is critical.
  • How content breaks down barriers between departments.

Listen now and you’ll hear Krista and I talk about:

  • (01:00)  Introductions
  • (05:49)  What kind of results have you achieved from inbound?
  • (10:10)  What kind of mistakes did you make in the beginning?
  • (13:00)  What did your first blog posts look like?
  • (16:00) What had to happen to make the cultural shift needed for buy in?
  • (17:50) What did you cover in the workshop?
  • (22:50) What impact did the content have on the sales process?
  • (28:00) What are some of the ingredients needed for ongoing success?
  • (31:30) What impact has content had on the sales cycle?
  • (34:00) What happens after a prospect downloads a buyers’ guide?
  • (37:50) Is there a disconnect between marketing and sales?
  • (40:00) How soon do you pass leads to sales?

how to create an effective inbound marketing campaign by asking questions

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About Krista Kotrla

Krista Kotrla

Krista Kotrla is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Block Imaging, Content Marketing Strategist, speaker and consultant. She helped a medical imaging equipment company inspire a content marketing culture and involve every employee in social business transformation which resulted in more than $9 million in sales. Her work has been recognized by Social Media Examiner, {grow}, Ragan’s Health Care Communications News and the Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Health Network. She now helps others marketers get buy-in for content marketing, humanizing their brand and inspiring social business transformation. Get an inside look at how to lead a content marketing culture at You can also connect with her on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.