How Bill Faeth Used Content Syndication to Grow His Blog Traffic to 40,000 Visitors a Month



Listen in on this podcast as I interview serial entrepreneur extraordinaire Bill Faeth about how he grew traffic to his blog to 25,000 visitors/mo in the first year and 40,000 visitors/mo within two years. Bill shares his unique content syndication strategies, including how he discovers the exact places his buyer persona hangs out online.

He also shares the exact tools he uses to make the most from Twitter, and how he uses Twitter and LinkedIn to research his buyer.

This interview is a gold mine of information – I took two full pages of notes!

Listen now and you’ll hear Bill and I talk about:

  • (04:55) Introduction
  • (07:55) How much of your first year’s revenue came from personal relationships?
  • (14:25) How do you determine which are the most important KPIs are?
  • (20:55) How do you grow your blog to 35,000 visitors/mo within 2 years?
  • (23:55) How are you using Twitter to help promote your content?
  • (31:55) Please explain your content syndication strategy
  • (34:55) How do you get your content syndicated?
  • (40:55) How do you craft an email to get your content syndication?
  • (43:55) How do you build a list of places to syndicate?
  • (47:55) How did you use Twitter to research where your Buyer personas frequent?
  • (52:55) How are you creating this volume of content?
  • (60:55) What is

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The Bright Ideas podcast is the podcast for business owners and marketers who want to discover how to use online marketing and sales automation tactics to massively grow their business.

It’s designed to help marketing agencies and small business owners discover which online marketing strategies are working most effectively today – all from the mouths of expert entrepreneurs who are already making it big.

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About Bill Faeth

A former golf professional, career entrepreneur, and CEO of Inbound Marketing Agents, Bill discovered inbound marketing in 2008 via HubSpot. He quickly became a convert to techniques that allowed him to grow his business faster than ever, while reducing his marketing spend and tracking ROI. Bill is a nationally-recognized expert on small business growth, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing.

Over the last 22 years Bill has successfully launched 21 startups in industries that include eCommerce, transportation, and even a nationwide glow-in-the-dark mini golf business.

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  • Hey Mark. I’m doing both. All my tweets go out to my followers, and I’m also using hash tags (#contentmarketing) to promote my tweets to people who might be searching with that hash tag.

  • Bill Faeth

    Hi Mark.
    Thanks for the great question. We actually do both as Trent does. We also segment our Tweets between “regular” followers, followers that are “leads”, and “customers” using the HubSpot Social inbox.