5 Ways to Increase Twitter Promotion Part 3

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This is Part 3 of my 5-Part Series on Increasing Your Twitter Promotion.

Twitter is my website’s number 1 source of social traffic and an integral part of my digital marketing strategy. It’s well worth the time to watch this brief video series to make sure you’re optimizing this powerful social platform.

Take a quick listen to this episode where I discuss:

  • How to Create Transactional Tweets For People Who Purchase on Your Site
  • Getting People To Populate Your Tweets

I hope this gives you more ideas on how to effectively use Twitter.

The next 2 posts in this series will give more easy to use tips to continue to grow your referrals from Twitter. Subscribe now so you won’t miss out.

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Hey there Bright Ideas hunters!

Welcome back to yet another episode, episode 3, number 111 of the BrightIdeas podcast. I am your host Trent Dyrsmid. This is the podcast for we help on entrepreneurs to discover ways to use digital marketing and marketing automation to dramatically increase the growth of their businesses. Who doesn’t want some of that?

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for proven tactics and strategies to help you increase traffic, to increase conversion and ultimately increase profits, well, I’m very happy to say that you are in the right place.

In today’s episode we are going to talk about part 3 of my 5-parts series on 5 ways to increase twitter promotions.

Now if you want to get episode 1 and number 2 its brightideas.co/109 and /110 and will take you to two other episodes.

So in this episode we are going to talk about how to create a transactional tweet. Before we dive into that, I want to cover in case you miss the other two episodes.

Why is it so important to use twitter to get people to help you bring awareness to your brand?

Number one reason is that, it is really really easy to do. For the people who are going to do the clicking for you, you don’t even have to really type anything, they don’t really have to do anything, if you do it the way I instruct these 5 part series. People literally only have to click a mouse button and they are going to send a pre populated tweets and all sorts of other wonderful things for you making it very easy for people to do – that collective power of all those people doing that very simple little thing can translate into very big boost in the buzz for your product or for your event, and obviously that can help you to drive profits.

A couple of quick announcements before we get in to this. If this is your first time listening to the BrightIdeas podcast, and you are on mobile device, go ahead right now and text the word podcast to the number 96000. You’ll see some of my marketing automation trickery in action and ultimately you’ll be able to get a notifications of every episode that we produce from here on in and plus some other special surprises in the store for you. You’re in front of your computer and you’re listening to this on iTunes, just go to brightideas.co and enter your details and you can have the very same thing happen.

And the next thing that I want to tell you about; in the last two things that told you about my digital marketing handbook, this one I want to talk about something a little different.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur and you’re feeling a bit stuck or alone – not an uncommon feeling – I strongly encourage you to check out the BrightIdeas mastermind for you will be able to start spending time around other very motivated entrepreneurs, all dedicated to helping each other succeed and sounds like a very wonderful thing to be a part of that, I can assure you that it is. You can learn more about it at brightideas.co/mastermind.

So with that said lets kind of dive right into this and give you yet another golden nugget.

So a transactional tweet: what’s it for, why did you do it? The purpose is you want to be able to give people a very easy way to share their excitement about a transaction that they have just completed. The reason for that when the people buy something they typically pretty excited they want to tell other people.

Let me give me example. If someone signs up for my mastermind group – which I just mentioned – or they buy my digital marketing handbook or they buy the best buyer formula or they do any other things or buy any other things or register for an event, right on the thank you page, I’m going put a transactional tweet and typically it all say that something like “please click to tweet” and it will be the words that would show up in twitter and they just click it and that’s it!  It’s done! They don’t have to type anything, they don’t have to do anything, and they don’t have to put hash tag in. Nothing and it’s all done for them!

The benefit of that is, remember back on episode number 2, I was talking about those widget boxes that you can use to accumulate real time social proof. If you write this tweet and you include hash tags every time someone buys your stuff, you’re going to be sending out these tweets, you’re going to have this constant stream of people saying all these wonderful things and that going to show up in that twitter widget, that you could put that on your page, on the side bar, wherever you want to put it.

So let’s get in how to do this and man, it is so incredibly easy, easy, easy, easy!

Alright, go to clicktotweet.com it’s free, you can pay more if you want to like extra stats and stuff like that. But I find free version is just fine. So here’s the thing, you are going to do number 1. You are going to write your tweet – you want to craft it in a way that it would be something that they would say. So, think about you’re the user that just bought the book or sign up for the course or attended the event or whatever it was.

What would they say? What would they say after that?

So, in my case of the digital marketing handbook – I just bought a digital marketing handbook and recommend you check it out – or something to that effect. So then you’re going to include in that tweet, very important, you going to include a link to the sales page for whatever it was that they just bought because if you forget that pieces really doesn’t do you any good at all. Then the next thing that you really want to put in there if you have enough room and you don’t have too much volume to drown you, you may want to put @your-username, so that you can get a notifications on your mobile device or whatever it is that you used to monitor twitter. Then you are going to reach out to this people say hey thanks. And that’s something I really recommend that you do because it does help you to build relationship with your new customers. And then, the hashtag! Don’t forget the hashtag because if you forget the hashtag then you can’t create the widget later on that’s going to show these wonderful tweets from all these people that have bought this stuff and registered for your events.  So, make sure that you get the hashtag, that you hit the create tweet button and it’s going to give you a little URL.

So, now all you do is go over to your wordpress site on your thank you page. You type out – what I typically do – is in bold italics. I go “please click to tweet” and then I put colon and then take off the bold, take off the italics and write out whatever the tweet was.

I don’t need to include the URL. I don’t need to include the @TrentDyrsmid and I don’t need to include the hashtag – hashtag in the words that are shown on the screen – and then I highlight it then I turn it into a hyperlink with the URL that I got from ClickToTweet.

So now, when you’re done, all someone has to do is click that and it will populate up a tweet with a hashtag in the URL. Everything, all in it, cause you crafted it that way and they hit the tweet button and whamo! And that’s it! The tweet is sent and you my friends now are taking advantage of all that excitement that your new customers, or your new subscribers, or whatever it is that they just did whatever transactions they just completed, you give them a way a frictionless way to easily share their excitement with their tribe.

Alright so that is for this episode. If you would like to get to these show notes and I’ll include some links to all this stuff and some screenshots and so forth, just go to brightideas.co/111.

So that’s it and I’m your host Trent Dyrsmid. Thank you so very much for tuning in. If you enjoy this episode, I would love it if you would go to brightideas.co/love where you will see a transactional tweet where you can tweet out and say – “yeah brightideas podcast is pretty bad ass and you should check it out too”!  I don’t think that’s exactly what it says but it’s something similar to that.

Okay, thank you so much and I want you to comeback for another episode soon. Take care


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