How Kurt Theobald Built a 30 Person Agency by Focusing on One Niche


With eCommerce success story Classy Llama, Kurt Theobald has hit one out of the park. However, it didn’t happen overnight. Kurt had plenty of failures along the way, which of course means that he learned a ton of valuable lessons along the way (listen as he reveals his biggest mistake in our interview).

One of the key ingredients in Classy Llama’s success was that the company focused on one single niche. As I’ve shared recently, the power of focus cannot be underestimated.

Listen now and you’ll hear Kurt and I talk about:

  • (02:50) Introductions
  • (04:20) How did you come up with the name?
  • (06:04) Why did you choose to focus on Magento’s Ecommerce platform?
  • (07:20) How did you validate the viability of the niche?
  • (08:50) Please tell me about how partnerships helped launch the company
  • (14:19) What are you doing now to attract new leads?
  • (15:30) What does your revenue model look like?
  • (17:40) Please tell us about your new content strategy
  • (23:50) Which online properties are most valuable to you?
  • (27:50) Please tell me about your biggest mistake in business

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About Kurt Theobald

KurtTheobaldKurt Theobald is the Co-Founder and CEO of Classy Llama.  A visionary to his core, Theobald has delivered eleven businesses failures and one success over the last ten years, and while his batting average has suffered and his wife has learned patience, the one hit has been a home run (think “Babe Ruth”).

Classy Llama is an eCommerce agency consisting of salt-of-the-earth, efficiency-driven eCommerce veterans committed to delivering more by doing less.  As one of Magento’s earliest partners, Classy Llama has helped over 80 companies achieve success on the Magento platform. You can learn more from Kurt and the Classy Llama team at their blog, live weekly Llama Commerce Show, and Twitter page.

As a husband, father, and businessman, Theobald offers huge innovative energy, uncompromising integrity, and a commitment to unity in all aspects of his life.  Tempered by the guidance and counsel of his team and advisors, Theobald disrupts the status quo with visions of the “better”.

Kurt lives near Springfield, MO with his co-adventurer and wife of ten years, Jessica, and his two children, Benjamin and Eliana.