How to Leverage Blogger Outreach to Increase Traffic

blogger outreach with Kristin Matthews

In today’s podcast, I interview Kristen Matthews, marketing manager at GroupHigh. Kristen is an outreach expert, and in this interview we talk about blogger outreach. Blogger outreach has fast become a popular way for brands to increase awareness for their products and stimulate word of mouth, mentions on social media, inbound links, and other good stuff.

To promote GroupHigh Kristen does a lot of blogger outreach. Kristen also does case studies for different case study articles and ebooks. And she works with GroupHigh’s top brand clients to give them advice and setup blogger outreach campaigns.

Why is blogger outreach valuable?  Because people trust them!

  • 81% of the US online population trusts info and advice they get from bloggers – that is almost everybody!
  • 61% of the online population has made a purchase decision based on recommendation from a blogger.

Stats from

Ready to learn more? By the end of this episode you will have a very clear path about what you should do to get a blogger outreach program setup within your organization.

Listen now and you’ll hear Kristen and I talk about:

  • (03:00)  Introduction
  • (04:00)  Why is blogger outreach so important?
  • (07:00)  How do you find the right bloggers?
  • (10:20)  What are some tools to use for outreach?
  • (15:10)  What are some do’s and don’ts for making contact?
  • (19:20)  What are some other benefits of working with bloggers?
  • (26:50)  How do blogger events work?

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About Kristen Matthews

kristen-matthews-image_0Kristen Matthews is the marketing manager at GroupHigh and loves the collaborative elements of modern marketing so you should reach out to her for questions or to work with her! Contact her at or follow her @KristenWords and @GroupHigh.