The How and Why of Creating a Buyer Persona with Chris Handy

chris-handy-interview_0Chris Handy is back on Bright Ideas to dive into why having a buyer persona is such an important tool in any inbound strategy.

We rarely have repeat guests on Bright Ideas (in fact, this is only the second time; in the first interview, Chris shared how he built a $400k two-person agency in just 2 years). I didn’t necessarily plan on bringing Chris back, but on a webinar I heard someone explain some really insightful points about a buyer persona — turns out, Chris ended up being the mystery speaker and he has graciously accepted another invitation to offer some proven tactics on how creating buyer personas have helped grow his business.

This topic relates to ALL business people, and I know you’ll learn a great deal yet again from Chris.

Listen now and you’ll hear Chris and I talk about:

  • (03:00)  Introductions
  • (04:00)  What I’ve been doing with my Podcast and Groove
  • (10:00)  What happened at your first live webinar?
  • (14:30)  Why should I bother with creating a buyer persona?
  • (19:00)  How many buyer personas should you have?
  • (21:45)  How do you create a buyer persona?
  • (27:00)  How do you use the persona in your content marketing?
  • (29:00)  How do you use the persona in your lead nurturing strategy?

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About Chris Handy

ChrisHandyChris Handy is the Founder & CEO of ThinkHandy, a sales and marketing alignment consultancy in Fort Worth, TX. Apart from starting ThinkHandy, Chris has also done work for eRecyclingCorps, Easysale Inc, and EzBayer.

Chris’ company is Hubspot Certified and has an extensive inbound marketing background. Chris is a graduate of the Univeristy of Texas at Arlington in Management and Marketing and is a self-proclaimed Saved By The Bell “Trivia Master”.