How to Stay Focused with a Daily Activity Checklist



Sometimes I’m not as disciplined as I’d like. When first start my day, there are tasks that are absolutely critical to growing my business that I know I must do, yet despite this, I sometimes forget…or get distracted by something else.

Sound familiar?

How to Stay on Task – Day After Day

Last night after my wife and I finished watching Homeland (we’ve just finished episode 2 of season 1), my brain decided it was going to go into “bright ideas” overdrive and one of the ideas that surfaced was the need to create a daily activity checklist.

Pilots use checklists. So do astronauts. I’m sure there are many other types of people that use them as well. Why? Simple, they don’t want to forget anything.

We actually use a lot of checklists already. We have checklists for podcast post production, writing blog posts, blog post editing, blog post promotion, onboarding a new client. You name it, we have a checklist for it.

Oddly enough, prior to last night, I’d not yet created a checklist of daily activities. Go figure.

My Daily Activity Checklist

Bad habits, distractions, and laziness be gone. I now have the first draft of a daily activity checklist to keep me on task.


Click Image to Download a Copy –

Want to get a copy? Click here to download your own.

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How to Create a Stalker List

In the checklist above, you will notice that I referred to something called a stalker list. This is not a list of people that you want to creep on! Instead, this is a list of the influencers who you’d like to build a relationship with. There are plenty of ways to find these people and one of the ways that I’ve found is to use Followerwonk by Moz.

With Followerwonk, you can easily find people who are influential in just about any niche you can think of. To see how to do it, simply have a look at the screenshot below.


If you aren’t a major influencer yourself, I suggest you start by targeting people who are slightly above your level of influence, as opposed to shooting for the stars.

This was a tactic that we used to recruit other bloggers to help spread the word about The Digital Marketing Handbook. We used Followerwonk to find out who we needed to connect with and then I had my VA comment on two posts and tweet those posts out (using my Twitter account). After that, my VA (using my email account) would send them an email to ask if they’d be interested in reviewing my book.

Because we’d focused on helping them first (comments and shares on their posts), when we emailed them, it wasn’t a cold email and many wrote back saying they’d love to review the book…as well as share it on their own social networks.

What Do You Think?

Even though I have interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs on my podcast, I’m well aware that I still have plenty to learn. If you have ideas for daily activities that a content marketer should be adding to this checklist, please share them in the comments below.

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  • joshgates

    Great resource Trent~! Curious what your resource is for VA services?

  • Hi Trent, thanks a ton for a look into your daily activity list. This helped a lot to give me some structure in my pursuits. One thing I’ve been doing a little more regular is checking out Twitter’s treading list and seeing what can connect with some of my clients and their audiences. For example, with the Oscar’s just appearing on Twitter and certain speeches taking place, one of my clients specializing in presentation pitching used “great techniques during Oscars” in his marketing. I just discovered you. Looking forward to learning more!

    • Hey Miello,

      Welcome to the community; I’m very happy to have you become a part of it, and I’m pleased to hear that you’ve already found value in some of my work 🙂