Walter Bergeron Started From Scratch, Built and Sold His Company for $10M

Walter Bergeron is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, a best selling author and Marketer of the Year. This Navy veteran started his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 12, detailing automobiles in his parents’ driveway and has owned many businesses since then.  In 1996, after he completed a U.S. Navy tour aboard the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, he started his industrial repair company in a small shed in the middle of the sugarcane fields of Louisiana. His entrepreneurial path led him to sell his industrial company for $10 Million and is now guiding other driven entrepreneurs on a path to exponentially grow and sell their business to achieve their own 8 figure lifestyle liberating payday. For a free copy of one of his bestselling books go to .

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  • Tell me about the Pivotal moment you had before sales recently increased.
  • So you doubled your previous years revenue in just 90 days?
  • What did you do to freely gain an understanding of your market and clients?
  • Please tell me about the newsletter you created and the results you achieved.
  • Please tell me about the new client acquisition campaign.
  • Please tell me about the steps that lead up to your industrial case.
  • How did you get traffic to your landing pages?
  • Please tell me how you upgraded your lead generation system.
  • Tell us about the other companies that you bought.
  • Please tell me about how you create systems to run your business.
  • How did you sell your company?

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