Digital Marketing Strategy: Marketing Automation Isn’t Just for Big Kids with Kimi Fowler

Would you like to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing without spending a fortune or working 24 x 7?

Would it be helpful to hear directly from folks who eat and breathe marketing automation?

In this episode of the Bright Ideas podcast, I’m joined by Kimi Fowler, a marketing automation specialist with Hyland Software – a large company that provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software to over 10,000 customers.

Kimi is one of two people who builds about 25 new campaigns a week, so when it comes to automation, she’s been there and done that more times than you can count.

In our conversation, Kimi and I discuss the following:

  • an overview of how she is using marketing automation to increase conversions
  • how webinars are playing a role in their sales funnel
  • the impact of A/B testing subjects lines (it was huge) and how they did it
  • how she uses Twitter to find and connect with other automation specialists
  • how they are converting cold traffic
  • how lead scoring is having an impact on sales
  • the surprising fact they discovered about landing pages after conducting some split testing
  • and so much more…

More About This Episode

The Bright Ideas podcast is the podcast for business owners and marketers who want to discover how to use online marketing and sales automation tactics to massively grow their business.

It’s designed to help marketing agencies and small business owners discover which online marketing strategies are working most effectively today – all from the mouths of expert entrepreneurs who are already making it big.

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About Kimi Fowler

KimiFowlerKimi Fowler is a marketing automation specialist at Hyland Software in Westlake, Ohio.

She is a passionate marketing automation user who focuses on the execution of programs, governance, administration of the system and best practices.

You can contact Kimi on Twitter at @kimikay.