Digital Marketing Strategy: How the La Costa Resort Increased Revenue from Social Media by 65%

Do you know exactly which pieces of content are producing the most revenue for you?

If you did, you do think that would help you to better understand the needs and wants of your audience?

Of course it would. As a matter of fact, getting that kind of insight would be hugely valuable because it would allow you to create even more of the types of content that are driving the most revenue in your business.

How to Tie Revenue Back to Content

Using Analytics tracking links and custom campaigns is incredibly valuable when it comes to giving you insight into which pieces of content are producing the most revenue and new subscribers. To see a specific example of how to do this, have a look at this post.

When you listen to this fascinating and informative interview, you are going to hear Katy and I talk about:

  • (03:54) How La Costa Increased revenue by 65% via Social Media
  • (7:00) How Katy uses Google Analytics to track revenue and tie it directly to content
  • (14:20) How Katy is split testing Facebook ads
  • (21:20) How Katy’s team increased revenue from email marketing by 54%
  • (24:00) How Katy segments her mailing list
  • (25:00) How Katy is managing her editorial calendar
  • (28:00) How Katy is using re-targeting to increase revenue
  • (32:00) How Katy is using Twitter chats to increase engagement


Additional Resources Mentioned

Below is a screenshot of La Costa Resorts custom campaign tracking.


Below is a screenshot of Katy’s  editorial calendar for email.


Below is the screenshot of how we use Google calendar to manage our editorial calendar. Green items are done. Red items are “to do” and yellow (not shown in this screenshot) signify “in progress”. Oh..and blue signifies Liz and I’s wedding :)


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About Katy Harrison


Katy Harrison is the Online Marketing Manager at La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA. She manages the luxury resort’s website, email campaign, social media and online presence. Originally from South Shore, MA, Katy moved to San Diego for the year-round beach weather in 2007. Prior to her role at La Costa Resort, Katy honed her PR and social media skills working at a reputable downtown San Diego PR and advertising agency with clients including The San Diego Museum of Art, Del Mar Racetrack, NTN Buzztime and BillMyParents.

Follow Katy on Twitter: @OmniLaCosta