How to Use the Phone to Dramatically Boost Your Marketing Campaign ROI with Graig Presti

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Graig Presti is founder and CEO of the agency, This is Graig and I’s third interview and this time we are talking about something that nobody in the marketing world is talking about … leaving a bunch of money on the table.

What is this missing element? How and when to inject use of the telephone into your marketing and sales sequence. We will talk in detail:

  • When should you call
  • Who should you call
  • Why should you call them
  • What should you say in the first 10 seconds of the call.

We are NOT talking about cold calls.

For higher price point items, there comes a point in life-cycle of a lead when they need to talk to you. When you call your warm leads, there is a very specific way to handle the conversation.  If you don’t have a process you will probably have a high failure rate and kill many great leads.

Looking for warm calling tips, including exactly what to say? This is the episode for you.

Listen now and you’ll hear Graig and I talk about:

(01:00)  Introduction
(09:00)  How does the phone play a role in marketing?
(17:00)  How should your structure a call with a prospect you’ve not talked to before?
(21:00)  How do you ask “trick questions” that make you look like an expert?
(25:00)  Overview of Trent’s first call with a prospect
(32:00)  How do you pre-qualify a prospect prior to making a call?
(34:00)  How can a survey play a role.?
(42:00)  How does silence play a role in closing?
(44:00)  How do you recruit salespeople?

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The Bright Ideas podcast is the podcast for business owners and marketers who want to discover how to use online marketing and sales automation tactics to massively grow their business.

It’s designed to help marketing agencies and small business owners discover which online marketing strategies are working most effectively today – all from the mouths of expert entrepreneurs who are already making it big.

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About Graig Presti 

GraigPrestiGraig Presti, founder and CEO of, is a foremost advertising authority who operates with dental practices all around the planet, assisting them to leverage the internet so they can generate more telephone calls, reach more new patients, and bring in more revenue. His strategies begin to work immediately and continue to work month after month.

Presti specializes in helping dental practices dominate their nearby location by using confirmed regional Internet dental advertising strategies to help them dominate the top rated regional research engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Presti uses easy to understand stories to help his clients comprehend how they can improve their internet presence. He is a repeated featured speaker at dental conferences and other venues.

Presti has mastered the art of bringing a flood of new patients into dental offices, and has undoubtedly established himself as a top specialist in his field. His considerable accomplishments, and his industry contributions, led him to be showcased as a Newsweek Magazine Champion of Health, Wealth and Success.


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  • Hey Owen,

    Yes, I do use cold email. I tried the Breakthrough approach first (emailing 4 couple in the company asking for the “appropriate person” and that just pissed people off.

    The approach that works well for me is to send this:

    Subject: I’d like to talk to you about being a guest on my podcast

    Hi Dave,

    I’m in the process of producing a podcast series to talk with marketing executives about what types of digital marketing strategies are working best for tech companies and would like to talk to you about being a guest on my show.

    If you are interested, all we’d need to do is arrange a chat for about 10 minutes to see if you’d be a good fit for the show. Interested?

    – Trent Dyrsmid

    PS. There is no charge to be a guest. Show info:

    —end of email—–

    This approach works extremely well and I am talking to CMOs left and right.

    If, during the pre-interview, I get the sense they’d be a good prospect, I invite them onto the show and do the full interview. At the end of the recording, I then ask if there is interest in doing business together.

    By then, there is plenty of rapport and they are open to a good dialogue.

  • Rick Dass

    It’s only responsible to mention the source of what is being referenced by Graig, the 4 second persuasion is from Jordan Belforts SLP, it’s a shame that this was not acknowledged and misrepresented.Keep up the good work Trent, enjoy your content.