3 Ways to Capture More Leads

Are you struggling to increase your firm’s revenue? Are you losing out on price? Do you still ask your sales reps to make cold calls to prospects?

If so, you are not alone. In fact, the vast majority of small business owners really struggle when it comes to lead generation.

If you want to experience predictable revenue growth in your agency or small business, you are going to need to master the second step of Lifecycle Marketing: Capturing Leads.

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 3 lead generation ideas that you can immediately put to use in your business.

Way #1: Use a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is nothing more than a page that (ideally) has just one call to action – although some companies do leave other navigation options in place.

In the case of, our squeeze page has a single call to action: enter your email to get a copy of our Massive Traffic Toolkit.

Lead Generation Ideas

In the case of Iron Tribe Fitness, they have actually created an entirely separate site, called


In both cases, the main function of the page is to capture the contact information of the visitor so that you can begin to nurture them towards becoming a buyer.

While I don’t have access to the conversion statistics for Iron Tribe, I can tell you the page above is (currently) the #1 source of new email addresses for Bright Ideas.

How to Make a Squeeze Page

Use a Theme: If you are using WordPress, you have several options for creating squeeze pages. The first, is to pick a theme that supports them. A theme that I use for this is called Pagelines (affiliate link). The reason that I like this theme is that a non-technical user (me!) can eliminate the navigation bar, head, footer, and sidebars just by unchecking a box within the page settings.


Use a Plugin: If you already use a theme that you like and you don’t want to go through the pain of switching, then I’d suggest you use the Instabuilder (affiliate link) plugin for WordPress.

The beauty of the Instabuilder plugin is that you can create a fully optimized landing page regardless of which theme you are using. To turn any page into a landing page, all you need to do is to configure the Instabuilder pages settings as I’ve shown in the screenshot below.

This is an extremely powerful plugin that comes with all sorts of pre-made templates, so if you aren’t sure exactly what to create, they’ve made it really easy for you to get started.


Once you have selected all your settings, the landing page will be ready to go. In the screenshot below is a page that I created for Liz and I’s wedding invitation. As you can see, this page has no navigation and even some Facebook integration. All of this was made possible by the Instabuilder plugin.


Way #2: Use a Pop Up

Say what you want about pop-ups, but the truth remains – they work.

On the Bright Ideas site, we are using a plugin called Pippity (affiliate link) for our pop up. Popup Domination (affiliate link) is another very popular plugin that you may want to have a look at.

Here at Bright Ideas, our Pippity popup is virtually tied with our squeeze page for the number of leads we capture.

The reason that I like Pippity is because it allows me to create plenty of different versions of the popup. The best converting version (so far) is the one you see below.


In addition to allowing me to create more than one version, Pippity also gives me conversion stats and allows me to split test on versions against another.

Speaking of split testing…

Way #3: Split Test to Improve Results

Now that I’ve shown you two ways to easily capture more leads, I want to touch on something that you’d be foolish to avoid, and that is split testing.

Virtually every time I’ve created a squeeze page, I’ve been able to increase my conversion rate substantially by split testing one version against another.

For example, on the home page, I used to have a video displayed where the big yellow box is. Intuitively, I thought that video, due to its (supposed) increased level of engagement, would have the best conversion rate possible.

split-testing-results-bi-home-pageI was wrong!

Once I split tested the static image of the box, along with subtle changes to the copy, I realized that the second version of the landing page had a conversion rate that was nearly twice what I was getting from my original attempt.

While video does have terrific engagement, using it for this particular squeeze page was ineffective. Had I not been split testing, I would have never discovered this huge opportunity.

To put this in perspective, to achieve the same increase in optins, I would have had to nearly double the traffic to the home page, which without using paid traffic, would not be easy to do!

Hey, thanks for the info. Now what?

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