How to Maximize Email Deliverability

Email remains one of the most effective tools in the marketers toolbox…unless of course it’s not getting delivered.

What is the worst possible thing that could happen to your email? It gets marked as spam.

How do you know if you’re sending email that is likely to be marked as spam? That might be an unanswered question on your small business’ mind, so Infusionsoft has created an infographic to help you clean up your act and apply proper techniques to your email sending practices.

Keeping your list updated and not letting contacts grow cold is very important in marketing to the right audience, as well as avoiding silent killers like spam traps and becoming black listed. Form healthy habits that can be followed each and every time you email market to your list of customers and prospects and grow your customer base.

Email Marketing Best Practices Infographic Infusionsoft 570px Email Deliverability Health & Hygiene [INFOGRAPHIC]
Email Deliverability Health & Hygiene Infographic by Infusionsoft