BI 213: How I Sourced 20 New Wholesale Products in My First 30 Days

Approximately a month ago, I decided to transition my eCommerce business from focusing on sourcing private label products to sourcing US brands wholesale and since then, the growth of my revenue has been incredible.

By following the sourcing formula that I share in this episode, I’ve been able to add 20 new products to my product catalog in under 30 days, and assuming that my forecast share of the buy box on Amazon is accurate, that will translate into approximately $31,000 of revenue ($3,500 of profit) over the next month!

In addition to that, two of these deals are such that the brand has given me exclusivity to sell their products on Amazon and the other major eCommerce channels – and I cover how I structured these deals to make it incredibly easy for each brand to quickly agree to my offer.

If you prefer video, here’s a recording of me explaining my system to a large audience at the 2018 TWF Conference.

In This Episode, I Discuss:

  • What I learned while attending Retail Global in Las Vegas
  • My exact wholesale product sourcing strategy
  • How I have won two exclusive Amazon deals

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