Episode 201 - Product Selection

BI 201: The Art & Science of Choosing Your First Product to Sell on Amazon

If you are planning to sell private label products on Amazon, the first (and most important) step is to select a product to sell.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, not exactly. In fact, selecting a product is the #1 obstacle that prevents new sellers from getting their business off the ground.

If you make a good selection for your first product by choosing something with the correct balance of demand vs competition, your sales will take off and all sorts of amazing things will start to happen!

Make the wrong selection though…and you are in for a rough ride.

If you choose a product with too little demand or too much competition, sales will be low or non-existent. If you select the wrong size of product, your FBA fees will be much higher. If you choose a product in the wrong category, you could be faced with some nasty attacks from your competition.

Product selection is the key to succeeding on Amazon, so make sure you listen to this episode and learn the method that I and many other successful sellers use to avoid choosing the wrong product.

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Questions I Answer In This Episode

  • Why I chose to start an eCommerce business
  • Why I am focusing on Amazon before attempting to build my own store
  • What are the top categories that new sellers should focus on and why?
  • What are my rules of thumb for product attributes?
  • How to brainstorm for ideas
  • What tools do I use to help me speed up the product selection process?

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