June 2014 Traffic Report



Welcome to my June Traffic Report. To see May’s report, click here.

Traffic generation is a challenge faced by every entrepreneur. At Bright Ideas we’ve made a habit of publishing our traffic reports as a means of giving insight into how we are doing, what is working, and what isn’t. Additionally, writing the report forces me to look at what’s going on! If you think this is helpful, please be sure and share this post.

This month, we have great news – our traffic from organic search is UP.. waay up! Read on to the Referral Sources section to see why.

The data we look at for our traffic report helps us to answer what we want to know most each month.

When you are doing your own analysis, be sure you start with your own top questions. Ours include:

  1. Is overall traffic up or down? Why?
  2. Are overall subscribers up or down? Why?
  3. Which traffic/referral sources are contributing the most to traffic and subscribers?
  4. How can we adjust our strategy to increase traffic and subscribers?

Here are all the details that I found for June…



For the month of June, we continued our focus on Groove Digital Marketing agency activities.

In fact, we created less content in June than May (12 vs 16 posts), which means that proportionally we actually generated more traffic per post in June than in May. We also started to see less traffic from StumbleUpon, where a very popular post (The Dumbest LinkedIn Mistake I See Over and Over Again) went viral a couple of months ago.

Conclusion #1: Overall traffic numbers were lower in June, which is in line with a reduced posting schedule.



We had slightly lower subscriber numbers for June, but only 9% lower versus over 16% less traffic.

Conclusion #2: Overall subscribers were down slightly from May, which makes sense given the lower traffic volume.

Referral Sources


Here’s where Google Analytics showed my traffic coming from:

Google Analytics reports the largest portion of traffic coming from social. However, organic traffic increased significantly in June (220%, to be exact!).


In a typical month, we usually see around 400 visitors coming from organic search. That number increased significantly in May at over 600, and increased even more significantly in June with 1,855 Google organic search visitors!

It appears that traffic is up via a number of different search phrases and landing pages, including some specifically targeted posts we created in February and March. The average search position is lower (and here a lower number is a good thing, as the higher the number, the lower down our results show up), which would indicate that over time Bright Ideas has built up enough domain authority that Google is more likely to display our links in search results.

The theory that our domain authority is increasing is further supported by our lowered Alexa rank (this is in order of popularity, so once again a low number is a good thing), which as of July 8 was  140,535 (up 67,854 from 3 months ago).

This increased domain authority is likely a result of the significant amount of valuable content available on the site – essentially, we’ve hit some sort of critical mass. Strike another win for content marketing!

Conclusion #3: In June we received a significant increase in traffic from organic search, due to increased domain authority.

Summary and Insights

  • Our June traffic numbers were lower than in May, which makes sense given that we created less content.
  • Our social traffic remained high in June, which is in line with our social promotion.
  • Organic traffic increased significantly in June, likely due to increased domain authority.

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