Digital Marketing Strategy: How To Increase Website Traffic and Grow Your List with Derek Halpern

Are you trying to increase website traffic?

Would you like to be able to rapidly grow a list of qualified prospects for your company?

To discover some proven traffic and list generation strategies that anyone can implement, I interview Derek Halpern for this episode of the Bright Ideas Podcast.

More About This Episode

The Bright Ideas podcast is the podcast for business owners and marketers who want to discover how to use online marketing and sales automation tactics to massively grow their business.

It’s designed to help marketing agencies and small business owners discover which online marketing strategies are working most effectively today – all from the mouths of expert entrepreneurs who are already making it big.

In this episode, I interview Derek Halpern, founder of the popular blog, Social Triggers.

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Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this episode:

How to Get a Ton of Traffic to Your Blog

Derek Halpern created his blog and in less than a year went from having zero subscribers to over 17,000. That’s quite an accomplishment.

The best part is, Derek not only started without any subscribers, he had no recognizable name or impressive industry connections. Now he has all of those. And what he did to get them was easy, as well as reproducible.

Because of his blog, Derek now generates a solid six-figure revenue stream. He shares crucial components of the process of creating a blog, even if you’re starting from scratch. And since what he did was simple, you can do it too.

Listen to the show to find out Derek’s strategies.

How to Get Experts to Willingly Turn Their Lists Into Yours

Since Derek didn’t have industry connections, you might think that he would have had a difficult time finding industry experts to promote him to their lists. Derek may have thought so too. But instead he found an ingenious way to approach these experts. In the end, they wanted to promote Derek and his blog to their subscribers.

This was an essential component of Derek’s rapid list growth. The best part of the interview is that Derek shares the exact wording he used to solicit help from industry big shots who didn’t even know who he was.

Listen to the show to hear the precise words Derek used.

THE Biggest Mistake You Might Be Making

When I asked Derek for the biggest mistake bloggers make, he did not hesitate. He even said that in his opinion, this was the worst thing anyone could do when trying to sell anything online. Whether or not they were blogging.

In fact, Derek knows firsthand how big this mistake is. He estimates that in his past business, he missed out on not tens but hundreds of thousands of potential customers because of this one mistake. Ouch!

Listen to the show to discover how you might be making the same mistake.

What Makes Opt In Forms Truly Work

If you are collecting email addresses from your blog or traditional website, you want to be very effective at it. Each person who visits your site and doesn’t give you a way to contact them in the future may be gone forever.

With all the traffic going to his site, Derek was able to split test different opt in pages to see what produced the best results. This took hours of work and thought, so it was very generous of him to share his research with us.

Specifically, Derek shared which page of your site definitely needs to have an Opt In form, and what else you need to know when designing your pages so that they have the highest conversion possible.

Listen to the show for Derek’s tips for maximizing the number of opt ins to your list.

Other Online Marketing Tactics

In addition to blogging, Derek has grown and connected with his list through his online TV show. Before the show, Derek did public speaking events. Now this is definitely not for everyone, but if it’s something you’re interested in, you’ll want to listen to the show. Derek shares what makes a great speaker, what the benefits of speaking are, and how he landed his very first speaking gig.

Derek also shares the process he uses to create his TV show, from idea generation to scripting to producing the final product. I have to warn you, his ideas are unconventional! If you generate videos you won’t want to miss Derek’s biggest rule for video editing.

Listen to the show to hear Derek’s killer tactics.

About Derek Halpern

Derek is an expert marketer and entrepreneur.

After building several successful websites in various niches (entertainment, fashion, etc.), he’s refocused on what he loves most: Building and Marketing Businesses.

You’ll find that his approach to marketing is effective. He developed it over the past few years, and it has helped him build a few wildly popular websites, one of which attracted more than 1,000,000 pageviews in a single day.

More specifically, he uses the perfect blend of data driven marketing (conversion rates, academic research, and personal case studies) and content marketing to get traffic, attract customers, and sell products online.