How to Find and Validate Your Next Idea


Ian Ippolito is a serial tech entrepreneur. He created one of the first open-source sites (Planet Source Code) and the first online freelance marketplace with escrowing and arbitration (Rent a Coder, which was later renamed to vWorker).

Inc. magazine named vWorker to the Inc. 5000 list (of fastest-growing private companies in the US) four years in a row. Entrepreneur magazine named his company “one of the hundred most brilliant companies”. And he’s been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, CBS news, Fox news, and many more.

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Life After Selling

In this interview, Ian and I talked about life after selling After the sale, there were a number of surprises that came Ian’s way and he shared what he learned from these. We also dove into how he came up with his next idea, how he tested it, and how he created the products.

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