Jason Swenk Talks About Life After Selling Your Company – How to Regain Your Significance and Create a Profitable Online Business

Jason is a digital-preneur and author with 12+ years of experience running a successful digital agency until he sold it in 2011. Jason Swenk started his digital career with Arthur Andersen in the 90s. After realizing the vast opportunity in digital marketing, he quickly started his digital agency in 1999. Since then, Jason has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world including names such as Aflac, Lotus Cars, Hitachi, AT&T, Coke, and Legal Zoom.

Jason helps businesses establish strategies that get them to the next level, by sharing what works and what doesn’t, so you know exactly how to build a successful business.

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Life After Selling

In this interview, Jason and I talk about life after selling a company. In Jason’s case, it was bittersweet, as it also came along with some challenges. We talk about those unexpected challenges, how he dealt with them, and ultimately, how Jason went on to create the most successful (and enjoyable) company he’s ever run.

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