Butch Bellah Talks About Lessons Learned After Selling His Company

Butch Bellah is the owner of Dallas-based B2 Training & Development where he works with salespeople and organizations to gain more appointments, win more business, and retain more customers.

He started his career at 21 and at 35, he and a business partner acquired controlling interest in the company he’d helped build from a $35 million local business to one of the largest wholesale food distributors in the nation, with annual sales almost a quarter-billion dollars.

In addition to his 10 year stint as a stand up comedian, Butch has written two books:

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Life After Selling

Butch and I talked about some of the challenges he experienced after selling his company. Much to his surprise, it wasn’t all “beaches and margaritas” as many expect. Listen to this episode to discover how Butch has reinvented himself as a digi-preneur.

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