The Digital Marketing Handbook – FAQs

trd-book-medOn Tuesday, December 10th at 11am EST, my new book, The Digital Marketing Handbook, will be available for sale.

In advance of the book being available, I thought it would be a good idea to publish this FAQ so that all your questions about the book are answered prior to the book’s release.


Q: What is this book about and how will it help me grow my business?

A: In The Digital Marketing Handbook, you will discover proven strategies for using content to attract new customers.

The reality in business today is that content is your greatest asset and the companies that are thriving are the companies that have fully embraced this mindset.

By the end of the book, you will know exactly how to get started, what steps to take, and how to get the biggest return on your investment possible.

Q: You said “proven strategies”. Who proved them?

A: I have interviewed over 100 successful entrepreneurs on my podcast and I have learned a great deal from the 100+ hours of “consulting” that I have received by talking to all these smart people. Several of the most successful share their best secrets in my book.

From the day I started my own business, I have studied those that are more successful than I and continuously implement what I’ve learned. Over time, all this “implementation” has helped me to build what has become a very successful business that includes information marketing, software, and consulting services.

All of these businesses are successful as a direct result of the that strategies that I cover in the book.

Q: What topics are covered in the book?

A: At the high level, there are two main topics that I cover in the book: content marketing and marketing automation.

As I’m sure you are well aware, there is no lack of information on content marketing spread across the web; however, in my experience, high quality information on marketing automation (how to turn leads into paying customers) is far harder to find. Moreover, I’ve yet to find a comprehensive resource on how to implement both content marketing and marketing automation in a combined fashion.

As both content marketing and marketing automation have played a pivotal role in the success of my business, I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t produce a detailed guide to share how you can implement both in your own business.


Table of Contents

Q: Will I learn how to become a better blogger?

A: Yes, absolutely! When I first started blogging, I pretty much sucked. My blog now, in a very competitive niche, regularly gets 10,000+ visits a month, and perhaps more importantly,  my blog produces a steady flow of leads for the various products and services that I offer.

In fact, December will be our best month ever…and every dime of that revenue has come from people that contacted me because of the content I’ve produced.

When it comes to blogging, there are a number of really critical activities to get right.

When it comes to content creation, these activities include:

  • knowing how to pick an audience that wants to read your content
  • knowing how to quickly test your assumptions so you don’t waste months/years producing content that no one cares about
  • knowing what to write about so you can stand out from the many other blogs in your niche
  • knowing how to write a post that is going to inspire other influential people to comment and share it
  • knowing how to write a post to maximize conversions

Creating content is only half the battle-you also need to know how to promote that content, and in the book, I share the specific strategies that I and several other highly successful bloggers have used to rapidly build a profitable audience.

Had I possessed a stronger understanding of these fundamentals at the start of my blogging career, I would have been able to achieve the current level of traffic in a far shorter period of time.

Q: We already have an audience, but we aren’t converting as many of them into customers as we’d like. Will your book help with that?

A: Yes, I cover that in detail in chapters 9 & 10. This is where the effective use of marketing automation can really have an impact on your results.

We all want more leads, and capturing leads from your website is all well and good…but if you don’t have a marketing funnel (system for automating follow up) that allows you to collect important data about the people in your funnel, you will not be able to convert nearly as many into customers as you otherwise could.

For example, the greatest mistake that I see most marketers making is that they offer a free report as a lead magnet and then they send everyone who downloads the report exactly the same set of follow up messages. This is absolutely nuts!

The reality is that not everyone who enters your funnel (by downloading the report or other “lead magnet” you’ve offered) is going to be the same as everyone else, and because of this, if you send everyone the same set of follow up messages, your message won’t be  as relevant for each person as it otherwise could be.

When your messaging isn’t relevant, guess what happens? You get ignored, or worse, they unsubscribe. In either situation, you and your prospect both lose. They don’t get the help they need, and you don’t get to make a sale.

In chapters 9 & 10, I show you how to completely customize the follow up sequences each person receives. This is what I do and it works incredibly well, I can assure you.

Q: I’m not a “marketer”, I’m a small business owner and need more customers. Will your book help me?

A: Yes, it will. I did not write this book as a guide for marketers. I wrote it as a detailed handbook for entrepreneurs. Regardless of the business you are in, the principles in this book and the stories I share will definitely apply to your business. If, after buying it, you don’t agree, I will refund your money.

Q: Beyond the book, are there other training resources available?

A: Yes, as you will see here, I have produced 8 detailed video tutorials, 9 video interviews, and 5 additional resources; all designed to help you achieve success in the shortest amount of time possible.

Q: What if I think your book sucks?

A: If you think my book sucks, I don’t want your money. Just send me an email with your purchase receipt within 5 days of your purchase and I will refund your money in full.