The Digital Marketing Handbook: The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Putting Client Attraction on Autopilot

trd-book-medIn August of 2012, I launched and since then, I have published 138 blog posts, amassed a following of over 10,000 and have built a professional network that includes some of the top names in digital marketing and social media.

In addition to our consulting business, we also run a successful mastermind group for marketing consultants and have sold tens of thousand of dollars worth of information products to entrepreneurs around the world.

How did all this happen?

Content Marketing Has Built My Business

The internet has forever changed how people buy products. In the old days, companies would spend money on advertising and prospects that were interested would call in to speak to a real person to learn more about the company’s products and services.

Those days are over.

Today, 60% of the buyer journey is complete before prospects ever contact potential vendors.

Instead, they are stealthily conducting their research behind the privacy of their computer screens.

Our content is how every single one of our clients found us.

If we hadn’t been steadily creating content and promoting it effectively, there is no chance that we would have grown as quickly as we have.

Content Marketing Can Work For You, Too

Getting started with content marketing doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with the right road map, it can actually be pretty easy.

Today, I’m excited to announce the release of my very own roadmap. It’s called The Digital Marketing Handbook and if you’d like to transform your business into a client attraction machine, this guide will help you get there.

If you are an entrepreneur whose businesses is experiencing at least 3 of the following 7 conditions, you will get immediate value from my book:

  1. Lack of a steady flow of new leads
  2. Difficulty attracting new customers
  3. Peaks and valleys in your monthly revenue
  4. Too few referrals (or none at all) from existing clients
  5. Not enough traffic to your website
  6. Lack of engagement on your social networks
  7. Little (or no) insight into which parts of your marketing are working best

Ready to get started?

Go grab a copy of the book right now.