Digital Marketing Strategy: PR Strategies That Actually Work with Nancy Marshall

Are you looking for proven communications strategies to use to build relationships with the media?

Would you like to discover what’s working for a leading PR expert, and how she’s used it to build a very successful agency?

In this episode of the Bright Ideas podcast, I’m joined by PR and Agency veteran, Nancy Marshall, founder of Nancy Marshall PR, a seven figure agency with 17 employees.

During today’s discussion, you are going to hear Nancy and I discuss:

  • Her 60 step Marshall plan and why it is so effective
  • How she uses the Marshall plan to repel clients that won’t be a good long term fit
  • Her 3 legged strategy for business development
  • Her proven lead nurturing process
  • What a most wanted list is and why you must have one
  • And so much more…

More About This Episode

The Bright Ideas podcast is the podcast for business owners and marketers who want to discover how to use online marketing and sales automation tactics to massively grow their business.

It’s designed to help marketing agencies and small business owners discover which online marketing strategies are working most effectively today – all from the mouths of expert entrepreneurs who are already making it big.

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About Nancy Marshall

nancy-marshallNancy Marshall is principal of the agency and founder of NMC. Since 1991, NMC has been creating and implementing strategic public relations programs, primarily for tourism and recreation companies, and has developed expertise in promoting economic development. NMC has been recognized by the Society of American Travel Writers for its tourism public relations campaigns, and the Maine Public Relations Council has awarded NMC with its “Best in Show” for three consecutive years in its Golden Arrow Awards.

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