BI 210: How Norman Crenshaw Failed His Way to a $40K per Month Amazon FBA Business

My guest in today’s episode is an entrepreneur by the name of Norman Crenshaw. Norman is employed full time as an IT professional and over the last few years, he’s been moonlighting as an Amazon seller.

In today’s interview, Norman and I had a very candid conversation about his journey on Amazon and what it has taken him to achieve the $40K per month in sales that he’s enjoying today…and let me assure you that his was not a straight line journey to success. In fact, as you are going to hear, Norman is just as good as yours truly at making mistakes early on!

My hope for you in this interview is to learn what it takes for a “regular guy” to build a business that can be started part time, for a small amount of capital, yet has the potential to grow into a 7 figure business in just a few short years…or less.

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In This Episode, Norman and I Discuss:

  • His first two failed products and what he learned
  • How he applied those lessons to his third product (his first success)
  • How Amazon’s PPC played a critical role in getting his product to rank
  • How he’s been able to charge a premium price
  • How he sourced the product
  • The major lesson’s he’s learned so far about selling on Amazon

Below is the JungleScout report for Norman’s top product. Notice that #1 product’s review count and price compared to Norman’s product in the second position. Simply by using photographs to highlight some subtle differences between Norman’s product and his competition, he was able to lift his sales by 30%!


This is a perfect example of the importance of continually testing new ideas on your product listings!

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