How Bernard Yoo Turned a Failed Startup Into a 7 Figure Success


For some, the idea of a personal stylist may seem like a whimsical dream for movie stars or millionaires. Still, it was something they would like to have, if only it weren’t so expensive.

Bernard Yoo saw an opportunity to cater to this market and launched his company with just a small amount of capital and a great idea. Learn how he made headway in the start-up phase and got accepted into the elite 500 start-ups. From identifying his clientele to learning from failure, Bernard shares how he grew his company and the successes he expects in the future.

Listen now and you’ll hear Bernard and I talk about:

  • (02:20) Introductions
  • (04:20) How they launched with just 15k
  • (05:40) An overview of his background
  • (09:45) How they learned about their customer
  • (11:40) How their first failure led to the Bombfell idea
  • (16:20) What they did after proof of concept was complete
  • (19:00) What happened between public beta and getting accepted in 500 Startups
  • (21:00) How they calculated lifetime customer value early on
  • (25:00) How they got into 500 Startups
  • (28:00) How life changed once the investor money started to come in
  • (30.11) The activities that caused the most growth
  • (31:40) How they were able to get free press
  • (35:40) How they employed discount programs with other tech companies
  • (39:00) An overview of how they are using paid traffic to drive customer acquisition
  • (40:30) What his life is like 2 years into a successful startup
  • (44:00) What are the downside(s) of raising investor money

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About Bernard Yoo

Bernard Yoo Bernie Yoo is co-founder of the personalized men’s clothing retailer Bombfell. Bombfell sends men regular shipments of clothes picked just for their size and style by a personal stylist, and has been featured in TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Life & Style Magazine, Forbes, WWD, AskMen and TechCrunch.

Prior to Bombfell, Bernie headed business development for and, worked on the strategy team at MTV Networks / Nickelodeon and mined the investment banking coal mines at Morgan Stanley.