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Digital Marketing Strategy: How One Entrepreneur Used Media Coverage to Go from Zero to $20 Million: An Interview with Jeremy Shepherd

Would you like to learn successful PR strategies that will reliably generate more media coverage? How valuable would it be for you to learn actionable take-aways from someone generating millions in online revenue? (over 20 million, to be exact) In this episode of the Bright Ideas Podcast, Jeremy Shepherd reveals one golden nugget after another. […]

Digital Marketing Strategy: How IronTribe Fitness is Using Infusionsoft to Crush Its Competition

Is your business generating enough leads? Are you successfully converting your leads to customers? Most businesses have a terrible time with lead generation, and an even worse time with converting their leads to customers. My guest in this interview is Forrest Walden, Founder & CEO of IronTribe Fitness and he does not suffer from this problem. Thanks […]