Digital Marketing Strategy: How a Brand New Blogger Got 50,000 Visitors in His First 30 Days – Without a List or Affiliate Promotion

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Peep is the face of ConversionXL. His unusual name (to most people) is actually pronounced ‘Pep Laya’. He’s from Estonia, but lives mainly in the US these days.

Peep is an entrepreneur and a conversion optimization junkie. He runs a unique conversion optimization marketing agency called Markitekt (they make existing sites better and build new conversion optimized websites) + several niche internet businesses such as T1Q.

Peep delivers trainings and workshops on conversion optimization and internet marketing, consults businesses in need and plans the architecture of websites that sell.

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  • The first blog post I ever wrote got over 100,000 visitors on its first day – it hit the front page Digg and a few other small sites. Sadly, I’ve never beat that number since!

    • Trent Dyrsmid

      Can you give us a link to that post? That’s quite a result!

  • This is intriguing…you hear all the time to get noticed you need to just whip content out and get it everywhere, but it sounds like if you focus on just nailing 1 post perfectly with research, images etc., you’ll get far better results.

    I’m going to try that.

    And love the Myth buster (I hear the “consistency” rule all the time for posting, but knew I never gave a damn) except for Derek halpern’s stuff, every Thursday I do look forward to one of his posts 😀