BI 219: How to Rapidly Develop & Deploy Critical Business Systems with Vinay Patankar

In today’s episode, my guest is Vinay Patankar, CEO of one of my favorite apps,

In this episode, I get Vinay to share why he created Process Street and how it helped him to solve some of his own critical business challenges. We also talk about some of the best practices he’s seen over the many companies that use and how these practices differ for small businesses vs large ones.

If you are an entrepreneur that relies on a small team of local or dispersed workers, you are probably struggling to ensure that your team works most efficiently and effectively and when you listen to this interview, you are going to see first-hand the specific things you can start today to begin your journey to becoming a more organized (and profitable) company.

Today’s Guest

Vinay Patankar CEO of Process Street. World Traveler, Seasoned Hustler, Tech Entrepreneur, Fitness and Food Enthusiast. Youngest Cisco Engineer in Australia. 3rd Internet Company.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How implementing business systems will make your company grow faster
  • How you can use these systems to support a dispersed workforce
  • Some of the best practices Vinay’s seen implemented by his many customers
  • How creating business systems differs for small companies vs big ones
  • How to prioritize which processes you should create first
  • How to easily begin your process creation project without getting overwhelmed – no matter how busy you are today


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