In today’s episode, my guest is Erik Greene, founder of Coffee Booster – a company he started in 2014 with just $10,000 and today does over $50,000/mo on Amazon.

Unlike many new entrepreneurs who shy away from competition, Erik didn’t let the success of existing competitors scare him away from his chosen niche.

Instead, he took an extremely methodical step-by-step approach to iteration and testing of his product, which resulted in such a low initial start-up cost.

Key to Erik’s success was his 3 phase approach to increasing his sales.

In the first phase, he discovered a very creative hack for getting his product to rank for his chosen keywords and relied on the support of 30 friends to make this phase a success.

In phase two, he took what he was doing in phase one, and extended his reach by using Facebook ads.

In phase three, he again extended his reach by using Amazon’s own advertising platform in some very creative ways.

As you’ll discover in the interview, one of the things that has made Erik’s venture such a success is his never-ending creativity and willingness to test, test, and test again.

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Today’s Guest

Erik Greene, founder of Coffee Booster, the 8th best-selling coffee creamer on Amazon.  Coffee Booster, a high-fat coffee creamer, has become very popular with low-carb dieters looking for good quality calories to start their day. When he’s not preaching the benefits of dietary fats, you can find him hunched over a golf ball or chess board somewhere in the greater Minneapolis area.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How Erik came up with the idea for his product
  • The level of competition he faced and how it played a role in his early product development
  • How Erik took a very methodical approach to developing his product using a combination of testing and iteration
  • How Erick created a 3 phased approach to marketing his product and the nitty gritty details of each phase
  • The very clever way that he leveraged his network of 30 friends to help him come out of the gates strong on Amazon
  • How influencer marketing plays a role and how he identified which influencers to reach out to
  • The social media platform that he focused on for his influencer marketing
  • How he’s using another creative approach to build his customer mailing list even though most of his sales happen on Amazon (kill this one?)


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