Listed on the page below are some of my favorite tools. Most of them I actively use. Some have been recommended to me by guests on my show.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. That means that if you click a link and then buy the product, I will earn a commission. This does not add any cost to your purchase. 

Product Sourcing

HubSpot: This is my favorite CRM and when it comes to keeping track of the products we are trying to source, as well as our day-to-day communications with suppliers. It is also the backbone of the product sourcing system that allowed my company to go from $0 to over $100K/mo in our first 5 months.

Zapier: This is an amazing resource that allows me to easily connect one app to another without writing any code. In our Amazon business, we use Zapier to import product data from a Google Sheet into HubSpot.

Snovio: Quickly locate supplier emails for outreach.

Gmass Chrome Extension: Very useful for sending out emails in bulk.

Price Checker 2: This software is absolutely key to our “mass production” product sourcing system that I explained in episode #213. With Price Checker 2, we can easily extract the entire product list from another seller into a Google Sheet…which we then use Zapier to import into HubSpot.

JungleScout Chrome Extension: This Chrome extension is critical to our sourcing. It allows you to see a lot of information (sales revenue etc) for products you’re browsing on Amazon.

Viral-Launch: Provides another means of sourcing. This tool allows you to search for products and brands via a large number of filters.

Email Marketing

Infusionsoft: For years I used Infusionsoft for my marketing automation tool and love it. I have tried a few other apps from time to time and so far, none has offered me a better all-around solution.

Amazon Tools

Sellics: This is the swiss army knife of Amazon seller tools. If you are looking for a way to track profitability, track PPC campaign performance, research keywords, track keyword ranking, receive alerts for negative product feedback, and a lot more, Sellics is excellent.

Seller Legend: This helps us track profitability, manage inventory and plan reorders, and more.

How Many: This is a wonderful Chrome extension that allows you to see how much inventory each of your competitors has, with just a single click.

RevSeller: I absolutely love this Chrome extension because it allows me to very easily determine the profit margin and FBA fees for a product from right on the product listing page.

Appeagle: This is the tool that we use to automate our re-pricing. If you have a lot of products, you are going to need to use re-pricing software to stay competitive and after testing several, this is our pick.

Zon Master: This is the tool that we use to ask buyers to leave seller and product reviews.

PPC Scope: This is the tool that we use for managing and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns.

Zentail: This is the tool we use to allow us to easily sell on,, and eBay.

HR and Operational Tools This excellent software provides us with an automated way to operate via our SOPs. All our SOPs are checklists that allow us to share with in-house and external team members. also integrates with Zapier, so for instance when a checklist items is completed we can have a Trello card automatically created.

HubStaff: This affordable time tracking software is what we use to manage our VAs’ time. The paid version includes things like keyboard and mouse tracking, screenshots, and payroll. Tons of integrations with Basecamp, Teamwork, Trello, etc. 10% off a paid plan with this link.

Xero: This is our accounting application and what we use to create purchase orders.