How to Build a Scalable B2B Sales Process

Damian Thompson is a Sales Coach, and Founder & CEO of Salesability, i.e., expanding sales ability for scalability. He has led sales teams in a dozen countries, coaching hundreds of professionals to tens of millions of dollars in sales. Damian helps companies scale from 6-figures to 8-figures and beyond. First, he focuses on “leveling up” founders’ sales skills & techniques while developing the behaviors, attitude, & expertise of sales champions. Then he helps companies create the strategic sales approach (process, methods, tactics) their unique market requires. All of this serves to help companies GAIN customers faster and RETAIN them longer.

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Life After Selling

In this episode Damian and I talk about the difference between a B2B sales system and a sales process. If you want to scale up your sales team to increase growth, or make your company more valuable to sell, you are going to need to create a scalable sales process. Listen to this interview to discover how to do it right.

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