In today’s episode, I interview Cynthia Jamin – founder of the TwirlyGirl brand.

In our discussion, Cynthia and I talk at length about how she got started in eCommerce, how she decided what to sell, how the product was created, how she drives traffic, and so much more.

If you aren’t yet a full-time seller, or you haven’t even started selling at all yet, you will find this interview jam-packed with actionable golden nuggets that you can implement in your business today.

Questions Asked During the Interview

  • Tell me about your Facebook ad strategy
  • How does video play a role in your advertising?
  • Who do you target with the ads?
  • Do you use the Facebook pixel?
  • How are you retargeting?
  • Where do you send the traffic?
  • How do you capture emails?
  • What do you offer visitors as an incentive to subscribe?
  • What are some of the things you are doing to increase AOV?
  • Tell me about what you do to invent loyalty and increase customer retention?
  • Tell me about your email marketing
  • How does social media fit into your marketing?
  • How do you use Facebook Live?

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Today’s Guest

Cynthia grew up in Chicago. Because of her abusive childhood, she relocated to California to live with her father. She was a professional actress but decided to become an entrepreneur. With a $20,000 inheritance and strong perseverance, a business was born! TwirlyGirl is now a million dollar brand.

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