In this episode of the Bright Ideas podcast, my guest is Alex Lewis – founder of Pretty Fit, a line of premium nutritional supplements for women.

In the interview, Alex and I talk about the story of how he got his company started, how much progress he’s made, and the tactics used to get it this far.

The thing that really stood out about Alex for me was his ability to continually test, innovate, and iterate – all traits necessary for success in the world of entrepreneurs.

During the interview, Alex talks about how he used social media to promote his content and he was kind enough to share a screenshot of the ad that had the highest conversion rate of any he tested (see below).

Click the image to be taken to the content that did so well for Alex

Today’s Guest

Alex Lewis is the Co-Founder and CEO of PrettyFit. He’s previously built and sold the sports nutrition company JackedPack to IdeoClick in 2015 after completing a nationwide deal with GNC. Former financial analyst with CFA Level I.

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  • How Adam came up with the idea
  • How he got early product feedback from his network
  • How to make a product if you don’t have your own formula
  • How he marketed his product at the very start
  • How content played a critical role in his product marketing
  • How he came up with content ideas
  • How he promoted his content on social channels
  • What technology he relies on to run his business and what it costs
  • How influencer marketing played a role


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