The $100M Trey Lewellen Story – The Daily Nugget

In today’s eCommerce marketing Daily Nugget, I want to share with you the incredible $100M success story of Trey Lewellen.

To set the stage, here’s my story….

Today I run at $2.5M eCommerce with 95% of our sales coming from Amazon. From a risk perspective, this is a bad idea!

The big problem with this approach is that there are a number of things that can go wrong…

Our account could be suspended.

We could lose our best suppliers if they decide to go direct.

We aren’t building our own customer list.

Our margins could get squeezed in the race to the bottom.

We aren’t much more than just a middle man.

Thankfully, while attending a recent conference, I discovered a viable way to generate significant revenue outside of the Amazon channel – and that is to start using Clickfunnels.

Thanks to Clickfunnels, we are now easily able to create high converting marketing funnels that allow us to afford to buy traffic from Facebook, Google, etc…

This approach, in turn, will allow us to not be so reliant on Amazon, as well as build our own customer list…which, over time, will have a massively positive impact on our business!

When you watch this video, you will learn:

  1. How to avoid spending hours on product research only to end up wasting a ton of money on the wrong products
  2. How to test your funnels fast (and cheap)
  3. Why making $1,200/day is actually easier than trying to make just $100/day