In today’s Daily Nugget I want to share with you the tale of two students and explain a critical habit that has taken me years of entrepreneurial experience to develop: the mindset to overcome your fears of loss and take action.

Every time I talk with or coach a new entrepreneur, without fail the number one thing that prevents them from succeeding is fear of loss. As a result, they make “busy work” by focusing on making lists of things to do. In other words, they focus on getting ready to get ready…instead of taking action.

To succeed, you need to adopt the “ready, fire, aim” approach.

I was able to get over my fear by realizing that a short term loss is the lesser evil of the huge loss I would experience if I did not move forward.

Whether you have those fears now, or come across them in the future ask yourself this:

“What is the worst that can happen, and can I live with it?”

Once you do that, you’ll realize that whatever you are fearing really isn’t that big of a deal.

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