How to Use Google’s New Product Listing Ads to Launch an eCommerce Startup

what are product listing ads

David Dwek is the Chief Marketing Officer for Metaverse, which is the owner of quite a number of ecommerce brands including If you’ve ever heard of Google’s new product listing ads, this episode is all about PLA’s.  Best practices, what they are, why they are important, how to use them, what to watch out for, common mistakes.

David will share all sorts of PLA insights with us. If you or a client of yours has an ecommerce store, you don’t want to miss this episode.

David has been working in online retail for more than a decade. He is responsible for selling over 300,000 SKU’s on more than a dozen sites including and Previously he held senior marketing roles at four other internet retailer top 500 companies and was responsible for $15 to $150 million in annual sales.

Listen now and you’ll hear David and I talk about:

  • (01.00)  Introductions
  • (05:15)  Please tell me about some recent breakthroughs
  • (06:10)  What are product listing ads?
  • (07:10)  Why are PLA’s so important?
  • (10:40)  How does a PLA work?
  • (13:10)  How can changing your product datafeed impact your results?
  • (16:10)  What are some of the biggest challenges with PLA’s?
  • (18:20)  What size budget do you need to get started?
  • (20:40)  What are some of the other land mines to be aware of?
  • (23:20)  How can people learn more about PLA’s?

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About David Dwek

david-dwekDavid Dwek is Chief Marketing Officer at Metaverse Corporation, an online retailer of art reproductions: prints, framed, and on canvas. He is responsible for more than a dozen art sites including and Previously, he held senior marketing roles at four Internet Retailer Top 500 companies where he drove between $15 million to $150 million in annual sales: electronics retailer Etronics, CD/DVD brick and mortar retailer Trans World Entertainment, housewares manufacturer Lifetime Brands, and surveillance retailer Brickhouse Security.

Throughout his Ecommerce career, David always worked for the “little guy” … companies most people haven’t heard of that compete against the most powerful brands in the world: Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, etc. In this Podcast, he shares his tried and true techniques to profitably driving revenue through Google Product Listing ads.