In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dave Woodward, Chief Revenue and Business Development Officer at Clickfunnels.

If you’ve never heard of Clickfunnels, they are the fastest growing privately owned software company on the planet, and they have accomplished this feat by helping their customers to build wildly profitable eCommerce funnels.

In my conversation with Dave, we talk at length about the common traits of their most successful customers, as well as go deep on what strategies and tactics are making those funnels so successful.

In particular, we discuss the specific things you need to do to increase your Average Customer Value (ACV) as much as 5X; thereby allowing you to pay substantially more to acquire a new customer. As you might guess, this allows you to acquire a lot more customers at a much faster rate!

Listen Now and You’ll Discover

  1. The strategies and tactics being used by ClickFunnels’ most successful eCommerce users
  2. How to increase your ACV by as much as 5%
  3. How to effectively use order bumps, upsells, and downsells
  4. Which social networks are most popular for eCommerce advertisers today
  5. How to ethically hack your competitors’ funnels so you can see what is working for them

Today’s Guest

David Woodward is a proven business expert with a demonstrated history of growing businesses in multiple industries. He is currently the Chief Business Development Officer of ClickFunnels and host of the weekly ClickFunnel Radio Podcast. ClickFunnels is a SaaS software that lets people design and create sales pages, landing pages, order forms and membership sites. Through this software, people can manage their entire sales and marketing funnel and it also helps anyone who either has anything to buy or sell to do so in the most effective and efficient way.

In addition to his current role as CBDO of ClickFunnels, Dave is also the Owner and President of Monopolize Inc.; a marketing agency whose focus has been helping to grow businesses in Insurance, Investments, Mortgage and Real Estate with a focus on internet marketing and growth expansion. Principally, he is highly skilled in Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Business Development.


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