The 4 Keys to My Productivity Routine


How often do you get to the end of a day and think, “where did all the time go?”

For me, it used to happen all too frequently, and each time it happened, it left me with an unproductive feeling that I didn’t enjoy.

Sound familiar?

My Recipe for Maximum Productivity

I am a creature of habit.

If I don’t have a routine for something, it most likely won’t get done.

Here’s how I organize my day:

  • 6-7 am: stretching, a short walk, and reading.
  • 7-8 am: write 750 words
  • 8-9 am: shower, breakfast, play with Kiana
  • 9-10 am: prospect for podcast guests
  • 10-12 pm: work on my highest priority tasks
  • 12-1pm: lunch
  • 1-3: pm meetings & calls (or more work on tasks)
  • 3-3:45 pm: read & fill my buffer
  • 3:45-4pm: plan tomorrow
  • 4-5pm: workout
  • 5-9 pm: anything I want
  • 9-10pm: reading, tomorrow’s to do list, prep computer for morning

For me, there are a few keys to ensuring that I don’t deviate from my routine.

1. I need to get to bed on time. Now that it’s summer time, this is even harder to do, but every time I go to bed too late, I end up sleeping in later than my plan, and when that happens, I fall behind.

I hate that feeling.

2. I must have a daily activity list prepared and printed out the night before. That way, as soon as I arrive at my desk in the morning, I know exactly what I’m supposed to be working on.

To do that I use a simple Google doc:


3. To make sure that I keep my routine on track, I schedule it in my calendar. If something isn’t scheduled in my calendar, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

4. Put my work out clothes on the floor beside my bed with the podcast I plan to listen to already queued up and ready to go.

Do I ever failed to follow my routine? You bet. I’m human, just like everybody else, and sometimes things just come up and pull me off the routine.

Fortunately, tomorrow will be here soon and I will have another chance to get it right.

What works for you?

I’d love to hear how you keep your routine on track. Are there any tools that you use? If you have thoughts to share, please leave them in the comments below.

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