“As I continue to focus on growing my SaaS, I have lots of problems and marketing challenges to solve. And every time I do that, I develop more playbooks.” ~Trent Dyrsmid

I know how hard it is to build a successful online business. I’ve been there myself, and I understand what it’s like to struggle and learn through trial and error. I found a way to succeed and now I’d love to share the strategies that worked for me with you.

There is a lot of content out there on B2B lead generation but to be honest, most misses the mark when it comes to tactics to really generate some high quality leads that turn into sales.

In episode 366, Stefan Lubinski joined me as a co-host to explore how to identify and target the right customers for your company. In this episode, we discuss common mistakes in marketing, the best ways to talk to new potential clients, how to increase your response rate, the best tools out there, and the best part, how to automate the entire process!

“I just want to re-encapsulate for people that this is a moment where you stop what you’re doing. And you either write something down or you use Braintoss like I do.“ ~Stefan Lubinski

Whether you’re new to business or a veteran, you’ll appreciate this goldmine of B2B marketing secrets. Tune into this episode to learn how to scale your B2B lead generation.

Here’s a taste of what we covered:

  • Understand Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Apply Growth Hacking Techniques in Messaging
  • Build a Focused List of “Suspects”
  • Build a Great Process and Utilize Tools for Efficient Delegation

Now, as usual, I like to bring you the top stories and business strategies out there, and this week is no exception as I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Logan LaMance, CEO of Kanga Coolers.

In episode 367, Logan talks about how they went from a college project to a multi-million dollar business. He shares the strategies they used to raise capital to successfully run a new product launch, from utilizing Kickstarter to getting an investment from Mark Cuban. He also breaks down his strategy for digital marketing and gives us a sneak peek at where they’re headed next.

Logan LaMance’s Bright Ideas

  • Find Gaps to Fill
  • Outsource, But Learn
  • Solidify Product-Market Fit
  • Iterate and Test Assumptions
  • Understand the Digital Space


The Best Trick for Improving Your FaceTime and Zoom Calls

Mitch Joel of six pixels of separation shared how to fake eye contact on a FaceTime call:

We’ve all spent too much time on Zoom and FaceTime this past year.
  • Body language is a tough thing in the virtual world and on video conference calls.
  • We can’t read people as well online.
  • Especially when we’re (hardly) even seeing their faces.
  • Even a darkened light or a bad connection can ruin a great message.
  • Even more confusing is how most people don’t make eye contact.
  • This happens, because we’re looking at the other person’s face on the screen (and not at the tiny camera).
  • This is common and a tough habit to break. Staring into a camera is not easy.
Staring into a camera is not natural.
  • Apple has solved for that.
  • FaceTime’s latest feature (available on iOS 14) is Eye Contact.
  • It should already be enabled on your phone (if not, go to your Settings > FaceTime and look for the Eye Contact setting).
  • It works. It’s magic.
Are there any other options to fix this problem of not making eye contact (like if you’re on a laptop)?
  • Yes! Check out PlexiCam.
  • It’s a great solution for laptops or monitors that use an external webcam.
  • A simple (and physical) solution to a hard problem.
Better eye contact will make your video conference calls way less painful. Promise.

Greatest Hits

Agency Growth Forum members vote on which of the following questions would be most compelling for agency owners (guess which one won?):

1. How to hire a virtual assistant(s) and delegate work
2. How to determine what kinds of tasks to delegate to a VA
3. How to create systems that make delegation easier
4. How to generate more leads and appointments
5. How to generate more organic traffic using social media

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Bright Ideas

The Thank You page is the most under utilized areas of online real estate. If you have basic thank you pages on your site, learn more here.

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