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How B2B Marketers Can Use Target Account Selling to Land More Clients

the difference between sales and marketing - an interview with Dan Ziman

If you are an executive at a larger organization, you may be very familiar with the disconnect between sales and marketing. Marketing talks about leads and lead generation, sales tends to talk about target accounts and outreach to close those target accounts.

You may have encountered issues with deals getting lost when people make calls without knowing if those leads are already a target account, if they are already a customer, or if a deal is already being worked on.

Dan Ziman, CMO for Lean Data explains how LeanDataInc.com solves that problem using their software. Lean Data helps companies with their account based sales and marketing strategies, specifically on Salesforce.com.

Listen now and you’ll hear Dan and I talk about:

  • (00:50)  Introductions
  • (04:20)  What are some of the problems you help your clients solve?
  • (09:20)  How does your software help to solve target account selling problems?
  • (11:50)  What size of companies suffer from these problems?
  • (15:30)  How did your company get its first dozen customers?
  • (18:30)  How did you build your target account list?
  • (20:20)  How did you make contact with the people on your list?
  • (22:50)  How did you have interns do 2nd level validation?
  • (25:50)  What are some things that people could do to better use their CRM?
  • (35:50)  What is round-robbining lead management and what are some challenges with it?
  • (37:50)  How much does your product cost?

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It’s designed to help marketing agencies and small business owners discover which online marketing strategies are working most effectively today – all from the mouths of expert entrepreneurs who are already making it big.

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About Dan Ziman

dan-ziman-image_0Dan is the CMO at LeanData where he manages the branding, digital marketing, communications, and demand generation programs. Prior to joining LeanData, Dan was VP of Marketing at Lithium where he built the company’s digital, demand gen, corporate events, and marketing communications strategies. During Dan’s tenure, the company grew from 65 to over 340 employees and revenues grew by more than 600%. Dan previously led demand generation and sales enablement at TIBCO and was the creative director for the award-winning “Greg the Architect” campaign.