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Sales Strategy: How Tinderbox’s BDR Program is Generating 60 New Customers a Month

Adam Becker details sales strategies for new customer acquisition

Is your sales organization bringing in a steady stream of new customers? In this episode, I interview Adam Becker from Tinderbox. Adam is the Director of Sales for Tinderbox and his role is making sure that the sales and lead generation teams are productive.

Tinderbox is a SaaS company focused on the sales productivity space. Specifically, they work with the documents sales teams are using on a day-to-day basis. This interview describes how Tinderbox uses a sales driven organization to add 50-60 new deals per month with the average deal size of $12-15K annually.

Tinderbox has a somewhat unique issue in that their customers don’t even know they have a problem until they get an education. Want to know the exact process they are going through to get their prospects attention?

You’ll not only learn that, but also learn in painstaking detail:

  • How they are finding people for their team
  • How they are training their team
  • How they are providing lists to their sales team
  • How they are compensating them
  • How the call structure works
  • How many touches it takes to get a prospect to be interested

If you are looking for insight into how to build a BDR program this interview is going to give you a ton of it.

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The Second Call: How to Build Trust with an Exploratory Call


When you hit your stride with inbound marketing, you are going to start to receive a steady stream of new leads, and, as we discussed in our last post on qualifying questions, not all of them are going to be worth your time.

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