How Owens Harkey Made the Inc 5000 List with Scott Harkey


Scott Harkey is a partner at Owens Harkey, a firm that made the 2013 Inc 5000 list. He and his partner Matthew Owens achieved substantial growth by specializing in media buys, an area where they have substantial expertise.

Owens Harkey has not only had big growth in the past year, they’re also planning on going from their current $6M in sales to $12M this year. This is a fast growing company using proven marketing strategies – so if you’re at all interested in media or online buying, or in digital marketing for that matter, I guarantee you’ll take away some great lessons.

Listen now and you’ll hear Scott and I talk about:

  • (03:00)  Introductions
  • (05:00)  What is media buying?
  • (08:00)  What are the two biggest mistakes made by media buyers?
  • (12:00)  Would you encourage other agency owners to get into media buying?
  • (14:30)  What does digital marketing mean for your firm?
  • (18:00)  How does YouTube Preroll buying work?
  • (21:00)  How can you get started with retargeting?
  • (23:00)  What is the hottest trend in digital media buying?
  • (25:00)  What are some best practices for Facebook advertising?
  • (29:30) What are some of the best practices for image selection?
  • (34:00) Does buying media via content networks make sense?

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It’s designed to help marketing agencies and small business owners discover which online marketing strategies are working most effectively today – all from the mouths of expert entrepreneurs who are already making it big.

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About Scott Harkey

Scott HarkeyScott Harkey always fostered a love of marketing. A native to Arizona, he proudly attended Arizona State University. Most of his time at ASU was spent studying marketing, and he also formed Mammoth Marketing, a marketing promotions company.
He then began to work extensively in all aspects of the radio world, in radio formats extending from Hip Hop to Oldies. During his six years in Media he ended up in the senior rep position at CBS radio and generated over $3 million in annual revenue (Job share position).

Now, Scott is partnering with a long-time friend and marketing expert, Matthew Owens, to build the kind of marketing services firm he has always envisioned. As partner, his core responsibilities lie in marketing strategy, business development, account services, media services, and broadcast production. His personal webpage:

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